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Do You Speak Pet-Speak?

I’ve only been blogging since June 2009. In that short time, I’ve really come to appreciate the fervor and pride of pet owners. One place where the community spirit is pawticularly evident is the vocabulary we share to talk and write about our fur-kids. And what better way to dogument pet owners’ linguistic creativity than to compose a Glossary of Pet-Speak.

So here’s the deal … give us your best pet-speak – a word, term, or phrase – and we’ll create a landing page at Take Paws to capture the lingo. Consider it our own little crowd-sourced WikiPetia Dictionary. While you’re at it, include your website URL and/or Twitter name so we can provide attribution. Then, we’ll share your URL/handle as a link in the Glossary so people can find you.

To start it off, below are contributions from GoPetFriendly’s social media guru, my wife, and myself.

Let’s make it a contest. The top 5 terms – judged solely by GoPetFriendly (and, perhaps, a few friends) – will face off in a Take Paws blog poll. Prizes to be awarded:

  • 1st place – GoPetFriendly t-shirt
  • 2nd place – GoPetFriendly hat
  • 3rd place – GoPetFriendly wristband

Deadline for submissions is midnight (EST) Tuesday, March 9. In case of duplicates, first one in gets the credit. Look forward to purr-rusing your entries!  Have fun!

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  • Mary-Alice says:

    @winecountrydog will be the clear winner of this — all you have to do is get him to enter! He pawties with the other pups, he furwards fun tweets, he loves his furriends — pawsitively impawssible to compete!

  • namaste says:

    Hey guy's, lets not forget about, pmail….marking, pmail address…sniffing before marking, and one that I made up because I hate when my freshly bathed little sweet heart decides to roll in something gross in the grass or dirt….DOWNLOAD.

    She even knows the command, no downloading!!!!
    And with that I have averted many, many stinky disasters.

  • namaste says:

    My dogs name is Namaste (Literal translation: I bow to the divinity in you)
    Here is a phrase we use around our house.
    We say, I bow wow to the divine K-9 in you.

    Although she is a full blooded rat terrier…I remind her she is a dog of pray, not prey.
    Enjoy reading your blog. We just started one of our own 2 months ago.

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