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Dog Friendly Baseball Games – 2016 Schedule

2016 Major League Baseball Dog Friendly Game Schedule

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Our pet friendly version of March Madness is in full swing, but we’re taking a quick break and switching sports to celebrate baseball’s dog friendly games. What could be better than enjoying America’s pastime with your best friend? After all, with the hotdogs and popcorn, it’s a dog’s dream come true!

It’s exciting to see that more and more “Bark in the Park” or “Dog Days,” are being added to the schedule in major and minor league baseball stadiums across the nation. For these special events, a section of the stands is reserved for people and their pups. Not only is it a unique opportunity to have fun with your dog, but a portion of the dog friendly ticket proceeds generally goes to benefit local shelters or rescues.

Photo Copyright and many thanks to: My Brown Newfies

Photo Copyright and many thanks to: My Brown Newfies

If your pup is ready to woof, woof, woof  for his favorite team, get your tickets now! Or perhaps this is the season you plan a pet friendly road trip around the country to catch a bunch of dog friendly games. Either way, this complete schedule of the 2016 MLB dog friendly baseball games will come in handy!

2016 Dog Friendly Major League Baseball Games

In addition to all the games listed above, the Arizona Diamondbacks have announced that they’re building a new dog friendly patio and welcoming dogs at ALL THIRTEEN of their Sunday home games! For more info and to buy tickets, call 602-462-4600.

Each stadium has its own requirements for proof of vaccinations, weight limits, and other particulars, so be sure to visit the website or call the ticket office to confirm the details in advance. And remember, many minor league baseball teams have similar “Bark at the Park” promotions, so check them out, too.

And now for every dog’s favorite words … PLAY BALL!!

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  • To my knowledge the Angles don’t have a pet friendly game, Yuvia. Hopefully they’ll join this growing trend!

  • How about Angel Stadium?

  • Hi Tory Prichard! I just published the 2017 schedule of dog friendly games this morning. Here’s a link >

  • Hi Miranda! Yes, I just published it this morning. Here’s a link >

  • Love this!! � Thank you! Do you have it compiled for 2017?

  • where can I find a list of 2017 dog friendly baseball games?

  • Each stadium sets their own rules, Anita, so you’d need to check the rules for the game you’re planning to attend. Have fun!

  • Anita Alente says:

    What vaccinations are needed to be proved? Is it just rabies shots, or other vaccinations?

  • Yes, there are only a few games left this season, Taylor – but there’s always next year!

  • Wow I am JUST finding out about this! Such a fun idea :)

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