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Dog Friendly Beaches in Vietnam

The beaches in Vietnam are so beautiful that were long kept under the shroud of secrecy. Luckily, this is no longer the case and the breathtaking coastline is just waiting to be discovered!

If you are planning to travel with your dog to Vietnam, you’ll definitely want to make time to check out white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The tropical climate and all that space for running will strike a tone with your dog and he will have a great time.

We will list five beaches to visit with your dog in Vietnam, so you won’t miss any of the most amazing places. Be aware that all beaches have certain regulations that should be respected to avoid paying a fine.

Nha Trang Beach, Nha Trang

Nha Trang beaches are located around the beach resort city and give a six-kilometer stretch of pure bliss. Both you and your dog can enjoy sightseeing or burry your paws in the powdery sand.

This is the most beautiful bay in Vietnam, and the beach serves as the connection point to numerous islands in the distance. However, you should be careful about going into the water if you aren’t a seasoned swimmer – it is very deep and currents can be strong.

Dogs love Nha Trang and the atmosphere it embodies, but still since it is a very busy beach, your dog will need to wear a muzzle and be leashed.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Vietnam |

Ly Son Beach, Quang Ngai

Ly Son is an island situated two hours from the mainland and it offers peace and quiet with untouched nature. However, if you or your pooch suffer from sea sickness, be sure to take a pill before the ferry ride!

In addition to the beaches, you can take your dog for a hike or rent a bike and explore the serene landscape and Black Rock. Thoi Loi peak offers a magnificent view of crystal blue sea and coral ridges that make this island famous.

Your dog will appreciate no specific rules and enjoy splashing in the sea without a leash or a muzzle, and the parking is free.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Vietnam |

Long Beach, Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is the largest island in the south of Vietnam and it is famous for a dog breed called Phu Quoc Ridgeback. This breed has a ridge hair that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of its coat, similar to the more well known Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Dogs will love exploring the national forest and the yellow sandy beaches here without any restrains. The water is wonderful, the sand is soft and the topography of the island provides endless opportunities for hiking and other activities. Dogs love sniffing around, but pay some attention because the island experiences problems with trash in some areas.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Vietnam |

My Khe Beach, Da Nang Province

 My Khe beach is very long and wide and offers plenty of opportunities for a relaxed day with your dog. The beach is open 24/7 and there is no shortage of space if you want to cozy up with your pooch and watch the sunset. Near the water, dogs must be either leashed or wear a muzzle.

This beach offers amenities like showers, which is great when your pup is covered in sand. Parking is also available for a minimal fee.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Vietnam |

Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet Province

Mui Ne beach is a long stretch of sand that was once deserted and is now becoming full of beach resorts. However, it is still unfamiliar to many tourists, and can be a great getaway for people and pooches alike.

Relaxation and togetherness time are popular, since it isn’t a very urban place. Pooches can be taken to the beach without a leash and are allowed to explore everything in sight.

The surroundings are wonderful and gives you a chance to take a hike or explore volcanic waterfalls. Parking at the beach is free, but bring water for you and the pup since there is a shortage of fountains.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Vietnam |

These are the top 5 dog-friendly beaches in Vietnam, and it would be a shame not to visit them while you are there! Remember, rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of your dog and other travelers, so do your best to follow them.


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