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Doggie Olympics

Scout from Between November 11-15, Scottsdale, AZ will host the Cynosport® World Games ’09 – also known by its more pet friendly moniker, the Doggie Olympics.

The world’s best canine athletes will compete to be “top dog” in agility, disc dog, dock jumping, flyball, go-to-ground, herding, musical freestyle, rally-o, course-a-lure, and several other events. For dogs who want to compete, qualifying events around the country began in September 2008 and run through September 17, 2009.

For dogs interested in finding out more in order to prepare for the next World Games, there will be demonstrations and opportunities to take part in activities that simulate different events.  For more details, visit the US Dog Agility Association.

For our boys, I am imagining that Buster, the German Shepherd, would love to take part in the games.  I suspect Ty, the Shar-Pei, will be more interested in visiting the many exhibit booths – hoping to come away with tchotchkes and treats.