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Zoom Groom for Doggy Bath Time in the Winnebago

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this – especially since I’ve mentioned that the wrap on the Winnebago often causes us to be mistaken for mobile groomers – but Buster has not had a bath in over a year. Our Facebook fans know that Ty was bathed more recently … but still, that was in November!

I have no excuse for this lack of cleanliness (and my mother is likely appalled). We even ordered the Winnebago with an outside shower so it would be easier to clean the boys. Yesterday the appeal of getting some sun combined with my desire to try the new KONG Zoom Grooms outweighed my reluctance to get wet … and so the boys got a long-overdue bath.

I have to say, it went much better than I expected.

The outside shower is one of the dog-friendly features offered by Winnebago. Our “people” shower stayed clean, and we could wash the dogs with warm water – which we all appreciated.

Ty getting a shower

And the Zoom Groom was great! It’s raised edges held the shampoo and made it easy to lather up the dogs’ coats.

KONG Zoom Groom with shampoo

Buster especially loved the massaging flexible rubber cones as we scrubbed.

Buster getting a bath

Ty seemed less annoyed with the process, but to accuse a Shar-pei of enjoying his bath would be blasphemy. :-)

Ty getting a bath

While it didn’t do as well on Ty’s short, dense coat, my favorite thing about the Zoom Groom was how much of Buster’s loose fur it took off.

Furry Zoom Groom

We generally use the FURminator to brush the dogs, but it doesn’t work unless they’re dry. The Zoom Groom, on the other hand, seems to work best when they’re wet or damp. For the horrendous shedding that occurs immediately post-bath, this is perfect. And Buster thought he was getting a spa treatment.

Buster's massage Fur removal

Don’t they look handsome?

Clean Ty and Buster

If you’re looking to make bath time easier and more enjoyable for your dog, I recommend the Zoom Groom.

KONG Zoom Groom

Getting a pair allows you to work twice as quickly, and “brushing” one with the other quickly cleans them. They cost about $9 and you can shop for them on-line. KONG also makes a Zoom Groom for cats, but because we don’t have a cat, I can’t testify as to how well that one works.

Have you used a Zoom Groom, or do you have another tip that makes bath time easier or more fun? Please, leave a comment below.

Disclosure: We received two Zoom Grooms for free. We did not receive payment for this review. The opinions expressed here are my honest assessment of the product based on my personal experience using it.

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  • Kelley Denz says:

    Buster looks like he was enjoying himself. Must say Ty didn’t look like he was hating it either. Both boys look so handsome after their baths. I bet they feel great!

  • MelsPetPals says:

    Well, color me stupid. I had no idea the Zoom Groom was good for doggy baths! Duh! I bought one of these Zoom Grooms after a store employee recommended it for Daisy (my Lab) to use as a brush. I used it for a while (fairly successfully), but it never occurred to me to use it while bathing her!

    So glad you wrote about this. Now, can you get me an outdoor shower? :)

    BTW – Ty and Buster – You look smashing!

  • Kalyanavaran Com says:

    hi thanks for sharing this


  • Anil says:

    How effective dog you think Zoom Groom would work on much smaller dogs?

    • Hi Anil! Are you thinking about the size of a pug, perhaps? :-) I think it would still work great as a way of holding the shampoo and working it through their coat. I also think the dog would still enjoy the massaging action. However, KONG also makes Zoom Grooms for cats – I think they are smaller and, if so, might work better for smaller dogs.

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