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Dogs Bail On First Kayaking Trip

For the past six days we’ve enjoyed a layover in the charming fishing town of Florence, Oregon. Taking a break from the daily relocation of our home provided us with some time to relax and left us feeling spunky.

The thought of kayaking has been tugging at us for a while now. As we watched the boats come and go from the boat dock within site of our campground, we realized we’d never have a more convenient opportunity to give it a try. Our Facebook fans warned us against a tandem kayak, suggesting our marriage might not survive the afternoon. But living in a 24 foot Winnebago has fire-hardened our relationship, so we called a local rental company and an hour later they delivered a bright orange, open-top kayak. Being that we are novices, Ty and Buster decided to sit this one out.

Rod Kayaking in Florence, OR

Rather than heading for the wide open ocean, we headed up the north fork of the Siuslaw (sigh oos law) River. It took a bit of paddling to get around the corner and out of the main channel, but then the water flattened out and we had the whole river to ourselves. We caught a glimpse of two otters peeking at us from beneath the bank’s overhang and an osprey flew directly overhead as he fished. A couple seals even checked out our rowing technique.

North Fort of Siuslaw River - Florence, OR

Three miles north is Bender Landing – a great place to pull out, stretch your legs, and enjoy a picnic lunch while you watch the water flow by.

Bender Landing - Florence, Oregon Bender Landing - Florence, Oregon

On the way back we met a dog with more courage than our lily-livered travel companions.

Kayaking on the Siuslaw River - Florence, OR

Actually, I was glad the boys were warm and dry in the Winnebago. We were fighting the current and the wind on the way back to the dock. Things got a little bumpy and my biceps had all they could handle!

Just as we came back into the main channel, a bunch of seals slid off a sandbar to watch us go by.

Seals in the Siuslaw River - Florence, OR Amy and Rod Kayaking - Florence, OR

The good news is that we enjoyed our first kayak trip. Our marriage survived, and though we came back tired and wet … we were still smiling.

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