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Dogs Escape from New York City

Dogs are bustin’ out of New York City! The only escape of its kind, Northward Hound offers NYC pups the chance to experience the seasonal splendor of New Hampshire.  With 11 trips running from March through November, these “dogs-only” weekend excursions have it all …from lake swimming in Goffstown to mountain hiking in Warner to beachside strolls in Portsmouth. Why there’s even a trip to an area farm where Fido can go nose to nose with barnyard animals and sample homemade yogurt from a local ice cream parlor.

Northward Hound is the brainchild of Jennifer Jill and Leeland Allen, both originally from New Hampshire. Strangers when they met by chance in a NYC dog run, the two bonded over their love of dogs. They then each started their own successful pet care business in New York- specializing in dog walking, pet sitting, boarding, and light training. They parlayed this experience into Northward Hound, which was established in 2008.

Northward Hound is located in the town of Hopkinton, which is in the south central region of the state. The family’s historic cape has been transformed into a doggie haven filled with all the lush amenities of home, including a comfortable climate-controlled environment, private sleeping quarters, continuous fresh water, visual, audio and live in-room entertainment, multiple daily walks in addition to the numerous activities, and 24-hour care and supervision. Nestled amongst 20 acres of rolling horse pasture and woodlands, pups have plenty of space to run and play safely and securely. There is a limit of six lucky dogs per weekend, and parents are encouraged to call any time for an update of their fur kid’s adventure.

You may be wondering about cost for all of this country coziness?  Three-day weekends are $300, and four-day weekends are $400 – dogs must bring their own food. An excursion includes door-to-door service for pick-up and drop-off as well as a bath. 10% of profits go to NYC and NH animal shelters. Northward Hound is a member of Pet Sitters International and is fully bonded and insured.

If all of this weren’t enough to keep Jennifer and Leeland busy, Northward Hound will be coming out with a doggie-wear product line in May. Goodies will include beautiful leather collars, dog coats and blankets, and home made treats to name just a few. I’m told there will be an eclectic mix of merchandise for the discerning dog and her human companions.

  • Christine says:

    Can't wait for that doggie-wear product line to come out! I trust that it will be stylish as well as top-of-the-line in quality, as I have known Leeland Allen, one of the brains behind Northward Hound, to take her dog-caring work very seriously, as well as with tons of love.

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  • traceymaher says:

    I am happy to say that I have seen Leeland in action with the very lucky dogs she takes care of in the park and off-leash and can honestly vouch that any dog that's in her care is a very, very, very lucky pooch! Weekends in NH with other K9's sounds like the Shangri-la of dog vacations! I know my beloved Trot would think he had died and gone to dog heaven. Such a great idea- keep up the good work ladies :-)

  • What an awesome idea! I used to travel regularly to NY on business, and was amazed at number of city dogs there. What a treat this would be for them!

  • What a great concept! I love hearng about innovative businesses such as these. Gonna post this on my Facebook fan page too, although I probably shouldn't, and keep this idea to myself. =P

    Btw, the scenery in the pics looks like it could rival that in Victoria, well, maybe in the winter. ;)

  • katenicky says:

    highly recommend this company! nicky, our yellow lab, has been on three trips and she had a blast! came home tired and happy. extra bonus — they take your dog to the groomers before they bring her back so she's nice and clean!

    these folks really love dogs and do everything they can to make yours happy!

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