Pet Travel. Made Easy.



AnimAlarm's wireless temperature monitor is cellular-enabled. Notifications are delivered by text or email and it includes one base station and one sensor.

Blink Home Security Camera

Capture video or still images of your pets from a cell phone with Blink's Home Security Camera! A built-in temperature monitor provides extra peace of mind.

Govee WiFi Thermo-Hygrometer

The Govee remote temperature monitor is battery-operated and a cinch to use! Receive alerts on your smart phone if temperatures exceed the limits you set.

Proteus WiFi Temperature Sensor

The Proteus WiFi temperature monitor can be plugged into a wall outlet or 12V USB power port. Alerts are provided by text or email with no monthly charges. 

Folding Pet Gate

A must for RV living! Keep your pet from bolting out the door or tripping you in the kitchen with a folding pet gate.

Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder keeps pet food and water messes to a minimum. The rubber feet keep if from sliding, and the built-in well captures sloshed water.