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Chilewich Floor Mats

Chilewich floor mats are as pretty as a rug, but better suited for RVing. Woven from plastic with rubber backing they're indestructible and easy to clean.


If you bathe your dog in the shower, you know cleaning the fur from the drain isn't fun. The Tubshroom makes clean-up easy! Just lift and wipe the fur away.

Lasko Ceramic Heaters

When your campsite has electricity, ceramic heaters are the best way to keep your RV warm. They're quiet, cool to the touch, and have built-in thermostats.

Dish Drainer for RV Sink

A dish drainer resting across the sink top is hideous, but few drainers fit inside small RV sinks. This drainer keeps drying dishes out of sight and fits perfectly.

Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Everyone keeps leftovers, but where do you store food storage containers in an RV? These collapsible containers stack, and are freezer and microwave safe.

Magnetic Knife Rack

Storage and counter space is at a premium in most RV kitchens, so hang your knifes on the wall! This magnetic rack keeps knives handy, but out of the way.


The Instapot is fast, convenient, and makes an amazing variety of food. Even better, you can enjoy your day, and dinner's ready when you get back!

Nesting Ceramic Cookwear

We cook more in the RV than we did when we lived in a house! Rod's our on-board chef, and he swears by this ceramic cookwear that nests for easy storage.

Stovetop Espresso Maker

Who says camping means "roughing it?" With a stovetop espresso maker, you can have all your favorite coffee beverages and enjoy nature at the same time.