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Fall is Perfect for Pets in the Adirondacks

As you know, the GoPetFriendly team is grounded – catching up on work and getting ready for Meet the Breeds. Luckily, you’re still out traveling with your pets and reporting in to keep us all inspired!

We’re happy to have Peggy Frezon guest posting today! The fall is a fantastic time to travel with pets. The crowds are better, you generally don’t have to worry about heat stroke, and – let’s face it – it’s a fabulous time to be outdoors. A quiet weekend in the mountains seems a perfect way to kick off the season.


Mike, Peggy, and their pup, “Kelly”

The Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York are a perfect destination to travel with your dog. While most of the tourism happens in the summer when you can boat, swim and camp along the sparkling lakes, autumn has a charm all its own.

My in-laws own a small cabin on Brant Lake, a generally peaceful 8-mile body of water, dotted with camps and a few year-round homes. My husband and I enjoy visiting the Adirondacks in the fall because it’s quieter, simpler and slower. It’s okay if you just want to sit and look at the view.

Even Kelly slows down to take in the scenery.

Of course, when there’s raking to be done, Kelly is always ready to pitch in.

This is helpful, right?

Hiking with your dog in the fall is nice because the weather is more comfortable than summer. With many of the leaves down from the trees, it’s easier to spot wildlife too. You can gear up for your hike at The Crossroads in Chestertown.

This store has everything from warm socks to wiggly worms. Grab some trail mix and you’re ready to go. I’m not sure if dogs are allowed inside or not, but the store comes complete with its own portly old Yellow Lab, who sleeps just inside the front door (watch your step) or roams over to the nearby ice cream stand, where a message at the bottom of the flavor-listing states: “Please don’t feed the dog.”

And don’t miss the watering tub, just off Route 8 in Horicon. This is where campers, hikers and locals go for the clearest, coldest, freshest spring-fed water around. The water comes right down from the mountain and spills out of the pipe into the well of this gorgeous, smooth chunk of granite. It’s always busy here, as people wait in line to fill up their jugs and canteens. Where else can you get something so good for free?

Kelly, that’s not a puppy bathtub!

Of course, my absolute favorite thing to do in the fall in the Adirondacks is to read a good book by the fire, with Kelly at my feet.


Photo Credit: All photos in this post are by Peggy Frezon

Peggy is a professional freelance writer, and you can find her blogging about pet matters of all kinds on Peggy’s Pet Place.

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