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Famous People Pose with Ty and Buster: Take 2

We hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! To ease you back from the holiday, Ty and Buster thought it would be fun to showcase more famous people that have clamored to be photographed with them on our road trip. Take a look!

At the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, Mr. Ear of Corn did his best “Aw, shucks” with our boys.

Mr. Ear of Corn

In Ossineke, Michigan, these two folklore legends took a break from clearing the forest to “vogue” with Ty and Buster. As if they were going anywhere with Paul holding that ax!

Paul Bunyan

Babe, the Blue Ox

Wild Bill Hickock pulled up a chair for an interview in Deadwood, South Dakota. Unfortunately, Bill couldn’t stay long … he was heading to a card game.

Wild Bill Hickock

While on a detour to Casper, Wyoming for some RV repairs, Daffy was anxious to catch up with Ty and Buster’s zany adventures.

Daffy Duck

Bugs was all ears, too.

Bugs Bunny

Even this bad boy lined up to hang out with a non-plussed Buster while Ty was going nose to nose with his new admirer.


In Cody, Wyoming, Ty and Buster thought they were going to meet up with a real buffalo named Bill.

Buffalo Bill Cody

Whoa … how did that get in here. I actually had to kick Ty and Buster out of the way to get my photo taken with my favorite candy.

Red M & M dude

Later that day, Ty cuddled up with this Jackson, Wyoming icon. Looks like a momma bear and her cub!

No Name Bear in Jackson

In keeping with the bear theme, Franz tracked down Ty and Buster when we visited Park City, Utah.

Franz the Bear

Th – th – that’s all, folks!

Do you have any photos of famous people posing with your pet? Send us a link in your comment!

PS – Just to refresh your memory, Ty and Buster welcomed you back from the 4th of July weekend with their first set of famous people pics.

  • OMG! Stop the car! It's a giant ear of corn!! That picture is a riot!

  • michelechollow says:

    Rod, How do you get Ty and Buster to stay still?

  • Oh these are my fav!!! I love taking shots like this

  • Maggie says:

    Great photos!! Looks like you guys are having so much fun. LOVE the pic of Ty with the bear!

  • Mary-Alice (Dog Jaunt) says:

    Super-cute!! I love these!

  • peggyfrezon says:

    Those are great. Love Ty and the huge bear. M&Ms are my fav candy too, have you tried the new pretzel ones?! Ok, I just took a picture of Kelly this weekend with a famous pig and cow from Oscar's Meat Market (pretty famous, huh?!) ….I'll try to get it posted as soon as possible.

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