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Famous People Pose with Ty and Buster: Take 1

We hope you had, and still are having, an awesome 4th of July weekend. To wrap up the holiday, Ty and Buster thought it would be fun to showcase several famous people that have clamored to be photographed with them. Take a look!

Ok. You’re gonna have to take my word on this one. Ty and Buster visited the farm in Gays Mills, Wisconsin, but were afraid to go near the Chick-Fil-A cows. Apparently, a few days before we got there the cows heard Ty and Buster were being considered for an upcoming “Eat Mor Chiken” commercial.” Celebrity bovine can be so tempestuous.

Eat Mor Chiken cows

Eat Mor Chiken

We thought it was pretty cool that Andrew Jackson got his horse up in the air for this pic in Nashville, Tennessee. Even tipping his hat to Ty and Buster for the intestinal fortitude they show when traveling.

Stonewall Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Thomas Jefferson caught up with Ty and Buster on their stroll through the Monticello grounds in Charlottesville, West Virginia. We’re still trying to figure out what they’re all looking at. Probably an inside joke … I declare that Tom is such a prankster.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

In St. Charles, Missouri, Daniel Boone rested his gun and hat to show Ty and Buster what frontier they could all explore next. Ty said, “We’re takin’ the Winnebago, right?”

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

Aaaaayyyyy! It’s the Fonz on Riverwalk in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rather the just give them the more famous one-thumb up, he gave them the seldom used two. Went right to Ty and Buster’s heads!

The Fonz


Ty and Buster picked up their love for the Packers from Amy, she being a lifelong fan. When Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau argued over who would go first, Amy had to separate them. Curly is still accusing Vince of something in his photo. Get over it boys … there’s plenty of Ty and Buster to go around!

Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi

Curly Lambeau

Curly Lambeau

Th – th – that’s all, folks!

Do you have any photos of famous people posing with your pet? Send us a link in your comment!

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  • michelechollow says:

    When you come to NYC, you must get Ty and Buster posing outside Port Authority Bus Terminal with Jackie Gleason. Away, you go….

  • Crystal says:

    Ok, I'll admit I'm not the biggest pet lover in the world, but came across your website and I love it! I'm a travel writer and these pictures are so cute, makes me want to visit places with Ty and Buster!

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