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Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet

Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen and companion animal nutritionist, has always been fascinated by the concept of food as medicine. Her passion is clear in their newly released ebook, Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet.

Image from Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet

The book takes a look the ways your pet’s food impacts their overall health. Offering insights from a holistic point of view with a touch of Eastern medicine, the tips provided are both helpful and practical.

Ty in his bed

What exactly do you mean by "no cookies"?

Ty gets ear infections so this information did not surprise us: a diet high in sugar can contribute to his condition. What we didn’t know was that a blend of apple cider vinegar and water is a great homemade remedy to flush an infected ear!

We also pick up some interesting tidbits on the boys’ dental health and found the discussion of pet food allergies enlightening. Did you know that cooked beef may trigger a dog’s allergies when raw beef will not?

The last four pages of the book are particularly helpful. It’s a chart of pet food ingredients which lays out the “good, bad, and ugly” things to look for in the following categories: meat, fish & oils, other proteins, vegetables & fruits, preservatives, grains, vitamins & minerals, other, and processing. Given the overwhelming amount of pet food information that is out there, this cheat sheet would come in really handy for anyone taking a look at what their pet is eating.

Disclosure: The Honest Kitchen is a sponsor of GoPetFriendly, much to the droolight of Ty and Buster.

  • Very interesting post! Gus has food sensitivities, so we're always looking for healthy food options.

  • I'm a big HK fan! I feed Jersey the preference veggie mix with meat that I cook myself.

  • This sounds very helpful. I like the idea of the chart, we'll have to check it out.

  • Honest Kitchen does have superior food, and yes there is a ton of info out there. So a cheat sheet is most welcome in this case.

  • The sugar/ear connection is really interesting- I used to give the dogs regular Kraft peanut butter in their kongs. We eventually figured out the stuff was contributing to ear and eye problems (this lead to us all switching over to natural peanut butter).

    Great to know about the apple cider vinegar and water- I've been using stuff from the vet and wanted a natural alternative! Thanks!

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