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Fetching News – Week Ending 02.26.2010

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

The calendar says we are heading into the last days of February … and hopefully the last gasp of winter as well. We’re located in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. While we escaped the brunt of earlier snow storms, we weren’t as fortunate this week, which brought us about 20 inches of snOMG! The storm kept me close to home and allowed me to find this week’s pet news.

Our dogs don’t need grooming. Lucky us … because I never realized how difficult this task might be. If you’re looking, WillMyDogHateMe offers some great tips on how to find a good dog groomer. Bone chance :)

And who would imagine that choosing what to feed your dog could be such a challenge?! DoggyBytes continues his series on canine food and nutrition with a post that talks about the people responsible for testing and labeling dog food.

DOG FANCY magazine is looking for the next DogTown USA®.  Do you know the best place in the country to be a dog? Does your town have dog-friendly walking paths or great dog beaches? Coffee shops that cater to canines? Then tell the world why your town is top dog! Details on how to vote are here.

City officials in Seal Beach, CA are considering re-establishing a rule that prohibits dogs on the beach and most city parks; public parking lots and city medians would also be affected. The relevant ordinance is being reviewed because a not all dog owners are obeying the leash law. Not cool … and a reminder of how a careless few can spoil it for all.

Restaurants around Destin, FL may soon welcome doggie diners to their tables. A proposed ordinance would allow restaurant owners to apply for a permit to serve dogs in specified outdoor areas, but does not require that all city restaurants allow animals.

Have you thought about adopting a pet? Shelters ask lots of questions – some of them may seem intrusive or personal. DancingDogBlog has a post (with accompanying video) that may help you understand this part of the adoption process. Just remember, it’s not about you – it’s about the pets … and shelters want to avoid mis-fits.

As to the aforementioned snOMG, sometimes the weather can keep you and your best friend indoors. Looking for a fun toy that can provide your dog with some mental exertion on those days? DogSpelledForward reviews the dog brick, a new hide-and-seek-treat game to play with your pooch.

And last but not least. Does your pooch want to tweet?  PC World reports “this will soon happen thanks to an iPhone app that ‘translates’ dog barks into English and tweets them out to the world.” Wonder what my dogs would say about me?

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