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Fetching News: in 2018

GPF LogoHappy New Year! 

The week leading up to turning the calendar is always an interesting time. We hang suspended with one foot in the past, reminiscing over the wonderful memories of the previous 12 months … and one foot in the future, looking forward to new and delightful things to come.

Truthfully, this period of transition leaves me feeling discombobulated. Joy and sadness, gratitude and anxiety, and a hundred other emotions roll over me in waves until I’m finally able to get both feet firmly planted on the path forward. Thankfully, the momentum gathered in 2017 has given us some opportunities that, until now, were only dreams.

The Book

Writing a book about our travels with Ty and Buster has been one of my long-time goals, but I never seemed to be able to get started. Completing the Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip last year blew up that roadblock, and I’m tickled to say that the first draft of our story is well underway!

Oddly enough, that means a big chunk of my 2018 will be spent reliving 2017. But the Road Trip was our grandest adventure, and going back over each day of the tour is allowing me to savor time that seemed to fly by.

Expanding the Team

Writing the book, and the book tour that will likely follow, will demand a significant amount of time, so we’re going to be adding some new voices to the blog. I’m picturing a team of three or four fantastic writers who travel with their pets and can provide the quality paws-on-the-ground research you’ve come to expect from It’s especially exciting to be filling out the perspectives we offer by composing a group whose pets and modes of travel are different than ours.

Of course, we’ll still be traveling full-time with Ty and Buster and sharing our stories, too! But having a blogging team in place will take the pressure off of us to feed the blog, and allow Ty and Buster to enjoy a more leisurely schedule.

Cabarknet - Ty's Birthday

New Partnerships

Freeing up more of my time will also allow us to explore partnerships with companies that are working hard to make traveling with our pets easier so that we can bring them to you. We’re looking forward to letting you know about developments in pet travel and providing insights on the cream of the crop in our industry.


It feels like is growing up and becoming a real company after all these years! So we’re expecting an exhilarating 2018. We hope the coming year brings you health, love, and beautiful memories with your pets that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

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  • Thanks so much, Ali! It’s shaping up to be an exciting year.

  • Love the idea of a book signing tour, and frankly, getting to read a book about your journey. Hope 2018 is more than you hoped for!

  • Thanks, Cathlin! It’s going to be another wild ride, but in a different way this year. ;-)

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