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Fetching News – Week Ending 02.05.2010

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

Time to pull up your barkalounger and purr-ruse this week’s news.

The answer is No … if you were wondering is it best to let your dog go through one heat before spaying? And the Daily Kibble goes on to point out several important health benefits to early spaying. For example, if you spay your dog prior to her first heat, she has a minimal chance of developing a mammary gland (breast) tumor later in life.

Do you take your dog everywhere with you? Or do you think dogs don’t belong in public spaces? Peggy Frezon, who blogs at Peggy’s Pet Place, directs you two opposing views from a New York Times article that generated over 500 comments.  The comments run the compassion-to-outrage gamut that we reported on in our own series about dogs and dining out.

Thinking of traveling with your small dog on an airplane?  This post by Dog Jaunt should be titled “Small Dog, Large Suitcase!” Sometimes people need to see how it’s done before they do it themselves. This instructional message does just that, showing you how to pack for air travel with a small dog.

In order to choose a healthy treat for your dog, pay attention to labels. What, you didn’t know propylene glycol is an ingredient in many soft chew treats? That’s why Doggy Bytes recommends only two different kinds of commercial dog treat products.  Read about the all natural, one ingredient beef tripe and beef liver treats – your dog with thank you.

Evacuating your home for flooding, wildfire, earthquake, or any other emergency … you think it won’t happen to you. Do you have an emergency plan to evacuate with your pet? Read what to pack in an emergency kit to care for your pet for the few days you might be on the lam.

Want to know what’s wrong with greyhound racing and why it should be stopped. This short post at Pet News and Views will educate you.

And for those of you whose interests in animals goes beyond pets, read:

  • Animal Law Coalition’s Open Letter to President Obama about the senseless horse slaughter being carried out by the Bureau of Land Management. There is contact information at the end of the letter so you can write or call your US representative or senator to put a moratorium on this activity.
  • Dancing Dog Blog’s update on what’s happening to care for the animals in Haiti.  As the assessment process continues, field medicine and antibiotics are being administered to sick and injured animals by national and international animal welfare organizations.

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    I'm out of the Tripe Treats again, have to pick up another bag tomorrow. Kinda hoping PetKind will read my raving review and send me a few bags of their Tripe Treats. Not gonna hold my breath. :/

  • For your first point on spaying, the same goes for cats. Spaying and neutering a pet is so essential for their health, and to cut back on the number of strays.

  • Thanks for including DDB in your news roundup:)

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