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Fetching News – Week Ending 03.12.2010

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

OK. So morning of Day 2 on our maiden voyage in the RV, and we are stuck at my mom’s house due to heavy rain, gusty winds, and inexperience in driving this house on wheels in either condition. Better safe than sorry … and there’s no place we have to be. Besides, you know moms – they love to see their sons (and daughters-in-law).

Doggie dining may be a step closer in North Carolina. A proposed amendment to state rules would allow pets in outdoor dining areas under certain provisions.  The NC Division of Environmental Health held a public hearing on February 16 and will accept written comments through April 5 on the issue.

Earlier this week, I wrote about what you can put on your pet’s ID tag to alert a rescuer to any medical conditions she might have. I then came across BlanketID, which provides a great looking ID tag for your pet and delivers an effective solution to the problem of losing a pet. Check to see if the service is right for you.

I’ve always wondered about the new mixed dog breeds. Chugs, Maltipoos, and Labradoodles … oh my! Based on a story at Pet Connection, it seems these designer dogs exist more for profit than purpose.

Do you read DoggyBytes? It’s a great canine health and nutrition blog worthy of an RSS subscription (just like Take Paws!). This week, the blog covered why your dog may eat poop (not as uncommon as you might think) and whether home cooked meals are right for your hound.

How often do you bathe your dog? It’s a function of daily activity and coat length. And what kind of shampoo do you use? Better not be Head n Shoulders. See what the Daily Kibble has to say on these two subjects.

DancingDogBlog covered the defeat of breed specific legislation (BSL) in Elgin, IL. A video shows the great turnout by pit bull owners to support their dogs’ presumption of innocence until proven guilty (the law would have required onerous restrictions just for owning a pittie).

Last, but not least, I just have to add a plug for GoPetFriendly. writer Lisa Hoover posted this story on Friday afternoon: GoPetFriendly Finds Pet-Friendly Hotels, Campgrounds, and Much More. Wahoo!!

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Do something fun with your pet and Fill Us In! :)

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  • blanket says:

    HI Rod
    Just been having a great read of your site and came across the mention of blanketID. So sorry for the delay, but thanks so much for that. We would love to explain it further as we think it a great option for people travelling with pets. The information can be changed on-line so you are covered everywhere in North America. Also, whenever a tag is bought $3 goes towards animals in need.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • I hope you're able to get on the road soon!

  • Robert says:

    Have a fun stop over at your mom's house! And try to stay warm and dry. Great article this morning. Cheers!

  • Rod, thanks for the mention and the plug (plug is not a poodle/pug mix). =P

    I haven't yet read the Pe Connection article that you reference above, but I've wondered what the consequences (mainly to the poor dogs) might be from breeding bizzare combinations of dogs for purely asthetic reasons. I think we're already seeing many genetic related health problems of dogs bred for asthetics.

    The health of the animals being “created” needs to be the first consideration ahead of any breeding agenda. Do we really need another dog breed with nasal problems, crowded teeth and hip dysplasia by one year of age? Maybe we just need to stay out of Frankenstein's kitchen?

    P.S. Say hi to mom. =)

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