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Fetching News – Week Ending 03.19.2010

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

Well, certainly the news for us is that we are on the road in our Winnebago, aka the rolling GoPetFriendly billboard. As I write this post, we are at a campground just off of I-81 near the Virginia – North Carolina border. Looks like the next stop will be Charleston, SC.

NO ONE likes to think about losing a pet. But what if your pet outlives you? Or what would you do if you were to be temporarily unable to provide for its care? WillMyDogHateMe ran a two-part post this week on how to deal with these issues. If you love your cat or dog, this is a must read.

How old is your dog? The old “multiply by 7” rule of thumb is history. Check out this dog age calculator – it considers your pups’ actual age and breed. Ty is 40 and Buster is 24; both are considered “adult” dogs … now if they would only act that way.

Figuring out your pet’s nutritional needs continues to get easier (or harder, depending on how you look at it). PetsWeekly discusses the made-to-order diets created by Red Moon Custom Petfood. Their deal comes with a 110% price back guarantee. A $3 off coupon is available if you enter the code PetsWeekly with your order.

Speaking of feeding your pet, “how much” and “how often” are two popular questions. DogJaunt has a great post this week to help you find out what’s right for your dog. Hint: it’s not as easy as you think (or thought), and pet food labeling is not accurate.

PetNewsAndViews has created a calendar for those non-profits committed to helping animals. If you’re interested in having your organization’s events listed, see this blog post and contact Michele.

Apparently, there is a debate going on in Panama City, FL over exactly how dog friendly the city’s beaches should be. I found the story compelling because the no-dogs-allowed viewpoint received no support in the comments. Woof!

Tis the season for ticks. If you’re not exactly sure how to extract one of these buggers from your Bowser, read this article from DoggyBytes, a blog devoted to canine health and nutrition issues.

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Do something fun with your pet and Fill Us In! :)

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  • Thanks for the mention about the events calendar at Pet News and Views. And is featured in an article at Pet Style News about essentials to take when traveling with dogs.

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