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Fetching News – Week Ending 03.26.2010

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

I am writing this from Hilton Head, SC … on our way to Savannah, GA … and then? Well, we’re enjoying a freedom we haven’t had before – the opportunity to see new things, meet new people, to stay as long as we want and then head off to the next place that sounds interesting. Our ultimate destination on this road trip is the BlogPaws conference in Columbus, OH on April 9-10.

Here is this weeks news recap.

PetNewsAndViews is running a great series on the cost of pet care. If you deal with pets and vets, read this information so you can make informed decisions.

When we walk our dogs, our hands and pockets are full. Leashes, bags, camera, treats, clickers. My click and treat handling is nothing but fumbling and jumbling. Now, merges a clicker with an ergonomic, lightweight leash handle. Unfortunately, the $39.95 price isn’t so lightweight … still, check it out.

Love your pet? There’s a license plate for that – if you live in Kansas. A new specialty plate will be available that will allow friends of furry animals to declare “I’m pet friendly.”

Have you considered using medication to treat your dog’s behavioral problem? Is it “good medicine,” or are you just too lazy to train? DogLoversDigest ran a great interview this week with Dr. Lorie Huston to discuss this matter.

And just in case you missed it, we mentioned a new dog age calculator on the website in last week’s Fetching News that was further reported on by WillMyDogHateMe. Forget the “multiply your dog’s age by 7” rule of thumb – this calculator factors in your dog’s breed.

Last but not least, GoPetFriendly was interviewed for an article that appeared in MotorHome. If you want to know more about us, it’s a great backgrounder.

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  • Looking forward to meeting you, Amy, Ty and Buster at BlogPaws, and thanks for mentioning my Cost of Pet Care series. I've been hearing from a lot of vets who are happy that they got a forum of sorts to post their side.

  • I was checking out Savannah, GA on Google Earth with my new iPhone earlier, it's much closer to the coast than I thought it would be.

    Oh, here's a tip, since you must not have GPS, or a map tucked away in that rolling hotel of yours. Columbus is the opposite way to which you're currently traveling. =P

    Gotta hop!

  • Congrats on the interview,great article–how cool is *that*! I particularly appreciated that you talked about not expecting dogs to behave away from home if you don't practice commands in your own backyard. Rough duty there at HIlton Head;-D

    • Hilton Head … it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. The island is VERY dog friendly – but not so much with RVs. Apparently motor homes are ok in the parks meant to hold them … because trying to drive and park is not so much fun.

  • Read the article, great feature!! Have fun in Savannah!

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