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Fetching News – Week Ending 07.02.10

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

Greetings from Milwaukee! We’re in town to attend Summerfest (my first time), the world’s largest music festival. Summerfest is, unfortunately, not pet friendly. Ty and Buster told us they didn’t mind getting left behind as their taste in music tends to run towards the classical.

Without further ado, here is this week’s news.

OK. I read this blog post, tweeted it, and still can’t believe it. Last week at Laguardia Airport, “a pit bull escaped from its cargo crate and caused minor disruption on the runway before jumping into Flushing Bay and eluding New York and New Jersey Port Authority officials for 40 minutes before capture.” Now Continental is altering its Pet Safe Program and will no longer transport certain breeds if the pet is over 6 months of age or 20 pounds. Sounds like a cause for someone to champion over at Be the Change for Animals.

I’ve previously reported that Ty and Buster are not the most well behaved dogs – especially when it comes to walking on leash. I suspect we are not alone in this department. If we are, I hate all of you. If not, Elizabeth Dietz over at Today’s Woof wrote a great post on How to Train Loose Leash Walking. I’m already working on it!

I read several book reviews on Marcus of Umbria: Something Something Something About Love. Most of them made me feel like I was being dragged to and through a chick flick. Insensitive of me? Read on. I almost didn’t bother looking at one of the last reviews published – one by @RoxanneHawn. I’m glad I did. Roxanne reviews the story behind the story, that is, what happened to Marcus when he got back to the US. What Justine went through to rehabilitate Marcus goes beyond belief … beyond devotion. I was touched and moved to work harder on my own dogs’ relatively minor issues (see above).

Finally, the feel good story of the week goes to @DancingDogBlog for reporting about the prosthetic paws fitted to Oscar, a 2 1/2 year-old cat in Britain. Oscar lost both his back paws in a farmer’s combine. The surgery is considered to be an engineering feat, given the delicate structure of the bones that were drilled and tapped to receive the prosthetics. For those of you who saw Mary Haight’s post earlier in the week, it’s been updated to include a video of the operation and Oscar walking almost immediately after the procedure was completed.

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  • EdieJ says:

    Great group of links and I literally laughed out loud when you described Marcus of Umbria as a kind of chick flick until you read Roxanne Hawn's story of the dog's rehabilitation. I agree (not about the chick flick part, since I haven't read it yet, and hey, I'm a chick) but I thought it was great to get the story behind the story from Roxanne.

  • How ridiculous is that of Continental airlines…maybe kids under 12 will be next- too noisy, they annoy other passengers and kick the seats in front of them, just too much trouble for the poor airline to cope with. Of course, they can run their company any way they wish, and we can spend our dollars elsewhere. So far, there are other, better choices. And on a brighter note, thanks for the mention! I was really chuffed to find that video – what a lucky cat:)

    • I agree Mary. I think the sadder thing is that the dog seeking liberation “just had to be” a pit bull. Why couldn't it have been a Yorkie!

      And actually, I was wondering what you thought about people using shelters to board their pets over long holiday weekends … see the 4th of July snippet.

      • Don't think much of them I can tell you. Frantic behaviors that turn to broken hearts is nothing you want to see. We don't have a problem with this–when animals are relinquished at Lake Shore Animal Shelter, people have to sign paper stating they understand all the legalities of what they are doing: they have no rights whatever to the dog or cat; they will not be allowed to adopt him or her; have no right to know who adopted the animal unless the adopting party is comfortable with sharing their personal information. Tough? Yes. Fair? Yes.

        Giving up an animal to a shelter is not a game, it's traumatizing for the animal, and if people think it's cute to try to game the system with a sentient being, breaking his or her heart wondering where there person is and why they were left then maybe they are not suited to having a furry friend. Certainly they are not worthy of the love and trust given them. That's the view from where I sit. Well, you asked!

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