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Fetching News – Week Ending 07.09.10

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

We left home in mid-April, knowing we HAD TO return in mid-July … this Sunday, actually. We did A GREAT DEAL of planning around this heavy anchor – how far we could go and when we had to turn around.

While driving in Michigan yesterday, I got a phone call saying plans have changed. Now, we don’t HAVE TO come home until mid-September or maybe even early December.

So while we’re deciding our next move, here is this week’s fetching news.

For the pet community, I think a contender for top story of the week is Monday’s launch of Be the Change for Animals. This website will highlight one “pet cause” per week and provide information on how readers can help. Calls to action won’t require more than 15 minutes of your time and will typically involve actions like signing a petition or participating in a letter-writing campaign. Monetary contributions will never be solicited. If you have a cause that you would like help with, submit it here! The first cause is being championed by @MaggieMarton – Campaign to End BSL: Operation Denver.

We just spent a couple of days with Anthony and Kate of @K9cuisine. If you (a) feed your pet and (b) forgot what real customer service feels like you need to order your food from their website. The news story is how they got started in the business and their advocacy for rescue animals. You can read Anthony’s interview with @DancingDogBlog here.

Speaking of @DancingDogBlog, there is no one I know that does a better job of keeping up with pet food and product recalls. This week, she reported on problems at United Pet Group and Merrick. Because Take Paws does not cover this news, we appreciate Mary’s vigilant service.

Another great interview appeared this week on Dr. V’s Pawcurious blog. Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen, talks about her search for a better pet food product that ultimately led to starting up her own company to get it done.

By far, one of the best posts I read this week was 5 Mistakes People Make with Fearful Dogs by @RoxanneHawn at her blog, Champions of My Heart. I can identify because both Ty and Buster have issues that arise out of being fearful. Important lesson I learned: You cannot change how a dog behaves until you change how she feels.

Ahh … summer! Ahh … pet travel! Oh crap … how do I make sure my dog is secure in the car?! Well … @WillMyDogHateMe asked two of the best people she knew for advice on the subject. If you travel with a large dog, you can read what I had to say here. If you travel with a small dog, @DogJaunt ‘s guest post is here. The Cliff Notes version of both posts: Don’t drive with an unrestrained pet in your car!

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  • Very informative. I'm a fan of most if not all the blogs you mentioned!

  • EdieJ says:

    Thanks for mentioning my dog car safety series — and for participating in it with your excellent post on large dogs! There's no excuse now for driving with unsecured dogs, large or small, because you and Mary-Alice at Dog Jaunt went into great detail about the logistics (after, I hope, scaring the crap out of people about what could happen).

    • All that said, in our most recent day's drive I can't tell you how many unrestrained dogs we saw … Including one dog who was balanced on a woman's lap, head out the window, AND right paw resting next to the sideview mirror :(

  • Thanks so much for your great references to the blog! Sounds like you two and Anthony and Kate had a great time:) I know I had a really good time “talking” with Anthony during the email interview process, and appreciated that much of his business mission is driven by the idea of being in a position to help where help is needed. Thanks for the head's up on the post over at Dr V's site re Honest Kitchen – I like that brand and it's fun to get a sense of “a day in the life” of such a successful entrepreneur!

  • Stopping by to say hello with the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop. Sound like you had a great week. I am going to be working with @k9cuisine on a review and fantastic giveaway on our blog. So exited to work with them. Love that they only stock healthy foods and treats.


  • Count me another fan of any meaningful discussion surrounding fear issues. First hand experience proves them to be difficult to address.

    • (Would have responded sooner, but actually got a day or so away from he computer!). Ty, our Shar-Pei is a fearful dog … in that he exhibits fear-aggression towards other dogs. Makes for interesting travels when we're supposed to be GoPetFRIENDLY!

  • Maggie says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out and support!! I hope you have a great weekend, and I can't wait to hear where you decide to go next!

  • Um, I'm raising my hand here. Next stop Victoria, BC!!

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