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Fetching News – Week Ending 07.16.10

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

We’re moving on to Minneapolis today. Ty’s hoping for a personal photo op with Mary Tyler Moore.

And if the stars align, we’ll be looking to meet (in person!) with @robfdavis, @MNBullyLovers, and @MelzPetPals. If you live in or around the Twin Cities and would like to join us, leave a comment, send an email, or tweet us – we’ll get back to you!

Without further ado, here is this week’s Fetching News.

Did you see the incredible turnout and support for yesterday’s first BtC4Animals Blog the Change Day? There were over 70 blog contributions that highlighted important pet causes like fire safety, heartworm prevention, senior dogs, and ending BSL. Pet bloggers, pat yourselves on the head for a job well done! The next Blog the Change Day will be October 15. Be there or be square!

Interested in your pet’s nutrition? Thought so. has developed an online Dog Food Rating Tool to help you max out what you’re doing for your best friend. It takes 10-15 minutes to answer 31 questions about your dog’s food. Each question is accompanied by a helpful “Did you know?” box that explains what is being asked and why. When you’re finished, your dog’s food will get a letter grade of its quality ranging from A to F. If the food scores lower than a B, you need to consider a change. The tool will also show how your dog’s food stacks up against a number of popular brands.

Say you like meat loaf. Do you like it enough to have it at every meal for the rest of your life? Is it good for you (nutritionally speaking) to have the same food at every meal for the rest or your life? Yes, those questions sound kinda silly … yet that’s what happens to most dogs (and cats). Roxanne Hawn (@RoxanneHawn) delivered a blog post this week called Dog Food Rotation Schedule. It posed some interesting questions and generated some great discussions in the comments. Do you rotate what you’re feeding your dog?

North Carolina law currently bans dining with dogs on outdoor patios even though many establishments allow (nay, welcome) four-legged patrons. This conflict resulted because the intention of the statute was misunderstood and/or its enforcement was unevenly applied. North Carolina was supposed to vote Thursday (yesterday) on a proposal that would, in fact, allow dogs and cats on outdoor patios with some easy-to-live-with provisos. Anyone know how the vote turned out?

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Do something fun with your pet and Fill Us In! :)

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  • Robert says:

    Enjoyed meeting yall and enjoying a fun conversation at Java J have a great time while here in the Twin Cities.

  • Thanks so much for mentioning our debate about food rotation. I figured we get notes like … I change once a week or once a month or every three months. I didn't realize it would spark such a debate. Wait until I take on RAW!

    Today, while down in town, I could NOT stop thinking of all the spots I could show you when you kids make it to CO.

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