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Fetching News – Week Ending 07.23.10

All the news that’s fit to chew on …

We’ve been traveling across South Dakota. Sioux Falls is a pet friendly town (but too cold for me in winter). The prairie along I-90 is a vista to behold (couldn’t help but think of all the buffalo that once roamed there). The Badlands was other worldly (literally, I felt like I was on another planet). Now we are off the road for a couple of days to take in Custer State Park, the Black Hills, and Mount Rushmore.

Without further ado, here is this week’s Fetching News.

So you want to get a dog. And, of course, you want to avoid buying from a puppy mill. But with people more comfortable buying on the Internet, how do you know that a puppy mill isn’t lurking behind the shop on the website you may be considering? Well, you can glean some obvious and not so obvious tips from Making Rescue Less Necessary (or How to Avoid Internet Puppy Mills) by @WillMyDogHateMe.

I like this phrase: Don’t Shop, Adopt!” It means getting your next pet from a shelter or rescue and not from a pet shop whose “inventory” is generally supplied by puppy mills. The relationship between shelters, pet shops, and puppy mills is tenuous. Read how so in Giving Pet Shops and Puppy Mills the Boot by @DancingDogBlog. There’s also a great follow-up post here.

Pulling this all together is a Letter From a Shelter Manager that @MelzPetPals published on her blog. This letter is a must read if you want to arm yourself with information to debate the Don’t Shop, Adopt message. By the way, take a look at Mel’s slick, new blog design.

Clearly, the GoPetFriendly website and blog is all about traveling with your pet. So we’re a fan of @DogJaunt’s current contest requiring photo proof to show that you’ve actually left the house this summer WITH your dog. The prize is a medium-sized doggie warm weather rain jacket that, if you win, will give you and your pup less of an excuse to stay inside in foul weather.

Sometimes using parody, sometimes with well-researched arguments, @DoggyBytes has morphed into a well-respected site for raw feeding information. But even if you can’t see yourself going raw with your dog (or cat) and are just interested in improving the quality of what you’re feeding Fido, Go Back in Time & Make a 42 Minute Investment in Your Dog’s Health really is worth your time.

Do Microchips Cause Cancer? That was the question asked and answered by @AboutVetMed. I’m all about making informed decisions, so this post is a good read if you’re on the fence about microchipping your pet. Both of our dogs have been chipped – one for about 5 years and the other for 2 years. We’ve not had any problems or issues. Knock on wood.

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Do something fun with your pet and Fill Us In!

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  • Hey, thanks for including my post in your review:) Puppy mills, cruelty, BSL, MSN, and new ideas to combat same are what drove me to blog in the first place and I grinned from ear to ear when this post provoked so much commentary & especially that both Edie and @LorieAHuston DVM added their take on the topic on their own blogs. That give and take of ideas and learning from diverse experts, thought leaders and influencers in the community is really exciting:)

  • Melspetpals says:

    Rod and Amy – Thanks for sharing my blog post “A Letter from a Shelter Manager” with others. I hope it makes an impact with as many people as possible. I have heard some really wonderful (and heart-rendering) stories from folks who were motivated to write after reading it. Some left me in tears. Some were inspirational. It's nice to see so many people moved by it. And, I think Edie and May's posts on puppy mills and pet shops were phenomenal.

    Like the new blog look? :)

  • EdieJ says:

    Thanks for the shout out to my How to Avoid Puppy Mills post. It generated a lot of great comments, which is one of the things I love about blogging — it almost always works as much to educate me as vice versa.

  • Sallie says:

    Happy Blog Hopping!

  • Thanks so much for mentioning Dog Jaunt's giveaway, and for posting your great pic of Ty and Buster in the Badlands! Looking forward to your blog posts about the trip.

  • michelechollow says:

    I also like the phrase: Adopt, don't shop. I say it all the time.

  • When you get to Canada THIS TRIP, you'll have to check out the Drumheller in the Alberta Badlands and Dinosaur Provincial Park, “home to the most extensive and spectacular displays of dinosaur skeletons in the World”. I've never been, but one day I'll check it out.

    Thanks for the mention and the links. =)

  • Peggy says:

    I'm going away to a conference WITHOUT my dog this weekend (sniff sniff) but the rest of the family promises to take good care of her. And I”ll do something fun with her when I return.
    Have a great time there!

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