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First Blog Post

Welcome to the inaugural blog of  My name is Rod; Amy is my wife.  Amy is the creative force behind  the architecture, content, and passion of GPF.  Alas, she doesn’t like to write, and I do.  And this is, literally, my first blog post!

The four-legged members of our family are  a 4-1/2 year-old Chinese Shar-Pei named Ty and a 2 year-old German Shepherd named Buster (aka Busted when we catch him doing stuff he shouldn’t).   Like you, we love our pets.

Our journey into GPF began in May 2008 when we rescued/adopted an abandoned 65 pound toddler – the aforementioned Buster.  In August, we embarked on a 20 day, 3,200 mile road trip – beginning at our home in the Pocono Mountains, going over the north shores of Lake Huron and Lake Superior, and landing in Thunder Bay, Canada.  We traveled down through Minnesota and Wisconsin, turned left, and headed back to the Poconos.  It took Amy two solid days to find seven hotels that would accomodate our boys along our planned course of travel.  Staying with a great friend en route saved us from having to search for an eighth hotel.

When we got home, Amy thought there had to be a better way to locate and book pet-friendly hotels.  Turns out there wasn’t.  More research led to the eventual creation of GPF.  So here were are – launching – just over a year later.  GPF is now our life and our business.  We hope you find that we have achieved our tag line:  Pet Travel. Made Easy.

Buster and Ty

Buster and Ty

  • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties getting back together with your bulldog, Brenda. My suggestion would be to reach out to your friends and see if anyone is traveling between where you are and where your dog is. If a friend would volunteer to drive your dog to you, that would be perfect. If that doesn’t work, you might look into a pet transportation company. If you could find one that already has a trip from the east coast planned, you might be able to make an arrangement to add your pet to the trip for a reduced rate. I wish you the best of luck – I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to be apart.

  • I need help I moved from the east coast to the mid west I am needing help in getting my American Bull Dog to me, I f anyone has any information on how I can get my baby to join me please inbox me through Facebook. I don’t have a lot of money I am on a fixed income, but I miss him and he misses me.I would appreciate if anyone has an idea how I can be reunited with my boy. Thank you. God bless

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  • Jeremy Abraham says:

    Whoa, that’s a long trip! I am thoroughly enjoying the site. Job well done!


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