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Friday Photo Challenge – Now Your Pet Can Be The Star!

Welcome to our weekly photo challenge – we have some exciting news today! We’re looking forward to seeing more of your pet travel photos, but first let’s announce …

Last Week’s Winner

Ty and Buster

Thanks to everyone who played, and congratulations to Beth B. and Gizmo Geodog of Lakeland, FL – they won last week’s challenge for correctly identifying this pet friendly destination as Boston Commons in Boston, MA. We hope you both enjoy your “Travels with Ty & Buster” calendar!

Now Your Pet Can Be The Star

In 2013, we want Take Paws to showcase people having fun traveling with their pets. That means we want to see more of YOU and YOUR PETS out on the road! So, we’re changing up our Friday Photo Challenge … we may still post an occasional picture of Buster and Ty, but mostly we want to feature YOUR photos. So snap some pictures of your furry travel companions posed near recognizable landmarks, and each week we’ll choose one to publish on the blog. Everyone will admire your pet while they guess the location of the photo in hopes of winning the coveted “Travels with Ty & Buster” calendar!

Two Ways To Enter Your Photos

Email – Entering your photos is easy … just attach them to an email to [email protected] Be sure to include your name, the name of your pet(s), where you live, and the location that the photo was taken.

Instagram – Follow @GoPetFriendly on Instagram and tag your photos with the hashtag #GoPetFriendly. You’ll be automatically entered in the contest and we’ll contact you via Instagram if your photo is chosen.

For those of you who are not familiar with Instagram, it’s a free app available on your smart phone that allows you to share photos with your friends. You can also use it to apply filters or edit your photos to give them an interesting or fun look.

A hashtag is used on social networking sites to allow people to search for key words. Placing a # symbol (called a hashtag) before a keyword allows you to categorize your post. On Instagram, you can add a hashtag to new or old photos by placing it in the photo description or in the comments. Either way, people can do a simple search and find all the photos with that hashtag included.

You can use more than one hashtag per photo, so go through your Instagram library and add the #GoPetFriendly hashtag to all of your pet travel photos!

Submit as many photos as you like! Each week we’ll peruse all the submissions and choose our favorite to appear in that week’s Photo Challenge.

What if your pet isn’t a traveler yet, but you’d still like to participate? Using photo editing software to take your pets on their virtual dream vacation is absolutely fine.

So there you have it … get snapping and make your pet famous!

Official Rules

By submitting a photo you agree to all the Friday Photo Challenge rules. The contest starts today and runs until we decide not to do it anymore. The contest is open to everyone over the age of 18.

To enter via Instagram, you must follow @GoPetFriendly on Instagram AND use the #GoPetFriendly hashtag on your photo. Using the @GoPetFriendly mention is not sufficient to enter the contest. If we miss the “@GoPetFriendly” mention, there is no way for us to go back and search to find your photo – hashtags are archived and searchable, while @ mentions are not.

By entering a photo in this contest, either via email or Instagram, you are claiming ownership of the photo. All selected entries will be required to provide a release stating that they own the rights to the photograph submitted. We reserve the right to disqualify an entry if their photograph does not meet publishing standards or ownership of an image cannot be proven.

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  • aw man miss my pc so i can might have to do a NL photo.. :? or infront of the helocopeter and blur out the city name here? since we are in the US for now?

  • Great idea to start adding readers’ photos too! I’m intrigued to see what sorts of submissions you get. :)

  • Love this idea! Shiva hasn’t been anywhere outside of Nova Scotia, though, so it might make guessing pretty easy. I’ll have to see what I can come up with!

  • Wow how lucky are we to win the last contest of the year…That’s so kewl…Now I have to think of some fun places to pose my little guy…Thank you.

  • …chopping them up… chopping them down

  • Be careful of what you ask for! Sean has his kung-fu PhD in Photoshop so Dexter & Jersey might show up in some really strange places :0

  • LOL I guess we are on a mission :) (it will probably be somewhere close by, but hush hush, I dont want to blow the destination)

  • European entries allowed? (I’ll promise to make it not to difficult, like Kenzo in front of the Eiffeltower :) )

  • >