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FURendly Weekend

It’s the time of year for getting decked out – perhaps in a lighted collar and leash, if you’re a dog – and gathering with friends. On that front, we had an exceptional weekend.

Long, long ago at an RV show far, far away we met Harold and Jackie from Roanoke, Virginia. The  idea of traveling full-time with our dogs still hadn’t gelled for us yet, but we knew that “walking the walk” was going to be part of GoPetFriendly’s success. Harold and Jackie were also shopping for their perfect vision of a dog friendly RV, and we hit it off immediately.


We’ve kept in touch through email and Facebook and finally had the chance to meet up again for brunch on Saturday. The weather was chilly in Galax, Virginia, but that hardly mattered. We lingered over warm beverages, catching up, comparing RV notes, and laying out future pet friendly travel plans. This was also our first opportunity to meet their sweet Vizsla rescue dog, Maddie. She was a little shy around my camera … luckily I had the long lens on so you can see what a pretty girl she is.

Harold, Jackie and Maddie

These stickers on the back of Harold and Jackie’s RV probably hint at why we like them so much! They’ll be adding a new bumper sticker to that collection soon. We really appreciate you guys for driving two hours to meet up. And thanks so much for the gift … we hadn’t had fresh-baked bread in months, and it was perfect!


After a lively brunch we parted ways and we headed to Asheville, North Carolina to meet up with some local celebrities … six Siberian Huskies affectionately known as The Thundering Herd. We’ve  followed The Herd’s blog since we learned what blogging was, so it felt like we already knew each of the dogs. But meeting them in person took our love to a whole new level. Buster was particularly enamored and started making moves to join their pack.

Just look at those six lovely Sibes …

But wait! Who’s that sneaking up behind them?

Maybe if I hunch down they won’t notice my long legs …

Whoo-hoo!! Look at me – I’m part of The Herd!

The walk along the Blue Ridge Parkway was deliciously crisp, and the dogs all seemed to have a great time. Other than some excited barking early on, the uneasiness Buster sometimes feels when he’s on leash around other dogs was non-existent. We even caught Natasha flirting with our handsome boy! :-)

The Herd liked our wheels …

And they’ve got a sweet ride, too!


Our only regret is that we didn’t get to see Rusty do more of this … though, if he had I might have hurt myself laughing!

Thanks so much, Kirk and Todd, for taking the time to get together. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more, and Buster will be dreaming about today for a very long time.

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