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Gift Ideas for Traveling Dogs and Cats

Choosing the right gift for your traveling dogs and cats can be ruff! Finding that special something to convey how much you love them requires some creativity and a fair amount of research.

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Of course, there’s nothing traveling pets love more than taking a vacation with you! And some new pet travel gear, along with a promise to hit the road soon, is what every dog and cat is hoping to find under the tree.

Here are our suggestions for gift ideas for traveling dogs and cats (and their owners):

1. The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip – $30

Up your game with The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip: A Guide to the #1 Pet Friendly Destination in 48 States and Washingon DC. Packed with practical tip and advice, along with more than 200 full-color photos, is just what you need to begin planning your next pet friendly road trip!

2. Go Bag – $70

Built for pet travel, Sleepypod’s Go Bag makes it easy to organize pet and human travel essentials. Comfortable for cross-body carrying, the Go Bag includes zippered storage cubes and insulated food pouch. Keep all of your gear within easy reach with gusseted side pockets, an exterior utility ring, exterior zippered pocket, a padded main compartment, and an interior lanyard for attaching keys.

3. RiteFit Harness for Cats and Small Dogs – $16

For cats on the go, a well-fitting harness is essential! The Puppia RiteFit Harness features the polyester mesh construction for comfort. It also provides added safety with an adjustable chest belt and loop and hook straps on either side of the neck to keep your kitty secure.

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4. Freedom No-Pull Harness for Dogs – $30-40

Every dog on the go wants to look his best, so start with a spiffy new walking harness! At $30 the Freedom No-Pull Harness from 2 Hounds Design is a gift for you both. The patented control loop on the back of the harness, which tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling, makes walking a more enjoyable experience.

5. Clickit Sport Crash-Tested Car Safety Harness – $68-85

Nothing is more important when traveling with your pet than making sure you all come home safe! Sleepypod’s Crash-tested Clickit Sport Harness for dogs is what we trust to protect Ty and Buster in case of car accident. This harness is simple to use, with no anchor belts needed. Just put the harness on your dog, slip the seatbelt through the loops built into the harness, snap the seatbelt into the receptacle, and you’re ready to go!

6. Martingale Collar and Weekender Leash – $12 and $20

Safety and functionality combine with this collar and leash combo from Alcott! Both the leash and collar come in five fashionable colors and have reflective accents, increasing your pet’s visibility in the dark.

Your dog will love the neoprene-lined martingale collar. And the martingale loop will keep him from slipping out of his collar and getting lost if he’s startled.

The Weekender leash is durable and comfortable with its heavy-duty swivel clip and neoprene-padded handle. The handle includes an integrated buckle, allowing you to safely connect your pup to a chair at the coffee shop, or stool at “yappy hour.”

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7.  Back Seat Mat for the Car – $60

Keeping your car seats clean and scratch-free, and your pet from slipping, will make everyone happy. This Buster Boy’s back seat mat for your car can be easily moved from seat to seat or stowed away to accommodate human passengers.

8. Compact Litter Box with Carry Handle and Cat Attract Litter – $36 and $23

Rather than packing your litter box from home, make traveling with your cat easier by keeping a compact litter box with a sturdy carrying handle ready to go. If you’re not sure whether your cat will use a new litter box in a new environment, cat attract litter is sure to help.

9. Orthopedic Pet Bed – $100-230

Nothing says love like a comfy orthopedic pet bed. These stylish, practical designs are good for both dogs or cats. Made from high-quality upholstery fabric with removable bolsters and foam inserts, the beds are easy to wash and will look great for years.

10. Mobile Bed for Small Pets – $170

The beauty of the Sleepypod’s mobile pet bed is its versatility. A dog that likes to observe her surroundings can be accommodated as easily as the cat who likes his privacy. The secret is in the adjustable dome top, which can be opened, closed, or removed entirely. And your pet can be transported safely in the mobile bed by simply wrapping the seat belt around the base and pulling the shoulder belt through the top handle!

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11. Pet Treat Pouch – $16

A treat pouch is perfect whether you’re teaching your pet to pose for photos, or just training polite behavior. Timing is key when rewarding your pets, and a treat pouch keeps rewards handy and your pockets free of crumbs!

12. Healthy, Tasty Treats – $13

You’ll want to stock your new treat pouch with something delicious! These cat and dog treats from Ageless Paws are made only from raw salmon, so they’re as healthy as they are tempting Freeze-drying maintains the freshness, and the treats contain no artificial ingredients, additives and fillers. Made with the strictest food safety standards, these are treats you can feel good giving to your pets.

13. Cat or Small Dog Backpack – $25

If you love taking your furry little buddy out and about, but his or her short legs make it hard to keep up, try a backpack for cats and small dogs! A well-ventilated design offers optimal airflow and makes it easy to check on your pet. And the cozy sherpa lining ensures your pet will relax comfortably. Some even include a collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated while you travel!

14. Pet Stroller – $289

If your pet is too big for a backpack, or you’re not able to carry one for extended periods of time, a pet stroller can change your life! Since Ty lost his vision, we’ve been using a pet stroller, and it’s allowed us to do so much more together than would otherwise would have. Whether your pet is small or large, there’s a perfect stroller out there for you.

Homemade gifts show you care! Consider this DIY zip line for your dog!

Ty the Shar-pei and Buster the German Shepherd from relaxing in a campsite on their dog zip line

15. Summit Parka – $80

For walks on those cold winter days, the Hurtta Summit Parka will keep your pup warm and comfortable. It’s quick and easy to put on and take off, with just one buckle around the waist. And with its adjustable back length, belt, and collar, you’ll get the perfect fit. On top of that, it comes in several colors, has a waterproof yet breathable coating,  and high-visibility 3M reflectors so your dog can be seen at night.

16. Jet Stream Dog Cooling Vest – $40

Planning a trip south to warmer weather this winter? Your dog will appreciate Ruffwear’s Jet Stream cooling vest to keep her comfortable when the temperatures climb! Pouring water on the vest allows your dog to benefit from the cooling effects of evaporation, helping to protect her from overheating.

17. Light-weight Dog Booties – $10

For a comfortable bootie that will protect your pal’s paws from salty sidewalks in winter and hot pavement in summer, try Pawz light-weight dog booties. Made from a single layer of rubber, your pup will hardly know he’s wearing them! And with 12 booties to a package, there’s no need to whine if one gets lost.

18. Protective Dog Boots for Hiking or Snow – $55

In these protective dog boots, your pooch can take on any terrain with confidence! Ankle cord locks make them easy to put on and the breathable tight-weave mesh, structured synthetic leather uppers, and outsoles for protection give them durability and added traction. On top of that, these boots have reflective strips and light-up soles to make your pup easy to spot at night.


What do you think? Would the cats and dogs on your list be happy with these gifts?

We certainly hope we’ve helped you narrow things down. And don’t forget … the gift your pet loves most of all is to spend time with you!


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  • Pamela Douglas Webster says:

    I’d love the Go Bag. But I NEED the treat bag. I better start dropping some hints.

    • Amy at says:

      I hear you, Pamela! Perhaps you could get Honey the treat bag, and drop hints for the Go Bag for yourself! ;-)

  • Hi, Dori! I don’t know what I’d do without the no-pull harness for Buster. Ty’s smaller, and when he pulls it’s annoying. But Buster weighs about 3/4 of what I weigh – when he pulls it can be dangerous for me! Being able to connect the leash to the chest ring gives me so much more control when B gets distracted by a squirrel or gets goofy around another dog. It’s a life-saver!

  • Dori Fontes says:

    Especially the no pull harness

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