Pet Travel. Made Easy. Goes Super-SONIC!

One of the biggest challenges pet travelers face is finding restaurants where their furry traveling companions are welcome to join them.  Eateries with dog friendly outdoor seating areas are wonderful, but where do you go when the weather isn’t cooperating?

What if there was an option you could count on, rain or shine? A place where you could order your meal and have it delivered to your car … or stretch your legs on the sun-warmed patio … and, for those hectic times, a drive-thru to serve you in a hurry.



And, done!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with SONIC® Drive-Ins to include their more than 3,500 locations on the website!  I think we look pretty good together, don’t you?

GoPetFriendly and Sonic

We’re head over heels (or heels over head, in this case :-) ) for SONIC®. The food is good, the service is friendly, and we can count on them – no matter what – to make it easy to eat without leaving Ty and Buster alone.

Rod's Headstand

In cold weather or rain we stop in, place our order, and deliciousness is delivered to us in the Winnebago.

Sonic Drive-In

In nice weather we head to the pet friendly patio and use the call box to place our order from there. Added bonus: the car hops are really nice!

Sonic Patio

In fact, the biggest dilemma we face is what to order!

Sonic Menu

The GoPetFriendly Road Trip Planner makes finding pet friendly restaurants for your next road trip is a cinch. Just tell us your starting point and where you’re headed – we’ll map the route and show you all the pet friendly places along the way! You’ll know you’re getting close when you see a sign like this:

Sonic Drive

Big thanks to Rod, who graciously sacrificed his body for the benefit of this post. I hope he won’t be upset that I posted these outtakes. The looks on Ty and Buster’s faces were just too funny not to share with you!

Headstand Outtake #1 Headstand Outtake #2

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
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  • Kim Clune says:

    I meant to say congratulations while we were on the phone but we got so wrapped up in other fun stuff, I forgot! That said, CONGRATULATIONS on the new partnership and to Rod as well for surviving some pretty harrowing marketing stunts. When you guys start making the big bucks, it might be time for a stunt double! For now, I’m happy to laugh at the real thing. :)

  • Pup Fan says:

    I loooove Sonic! There’s not one near me, so I get really excited when I take a trip and can stop at one!

  • I love the outtakes…they’re always my favorites when I snap a bunch of photos. :D

    We pretty healthy eaters and try to avoid fast food…but we’ve been known to hit their “happy hour” for a fresh fruit slush. They’re all sugar, but yummy for a treat every once in awhile!

    We’re currently brainstorming meals/snacks while we travel. It’s going to be difficult to eat healthy!

    P.S. I commented back to you on our blog, but in case you don’t see it…we’d love to meet up with you when you’re in SA!

    • Yep, eating healthy all the time when you’re traveling is pretty hard. We have it a bit easier because we can cook our own meals. There’s also the temptation of wanting to try the local specialties – steaks, ribs, wine, cheese … you get the idea.

      Great news! We’ll definitley get in touch when we’re headed to SA.

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  • Miriam says:

    That’s great news! Tell Sonic thanks from us and our pack. The dogs want to know what is on the menu for them? Cheese fries?

  • Deborah Flick says:

    I’ve never been to a SONIC. But, Sadie and I will check it out—if there is one in Boulder. I’ll have to look. Thank you Rod for sacrificing your back and dignity for the greater good :-)

  • Jim says:

    Congrats on your new partnership guys. =D

    Rod, I had no idea that you’re such a great athlete! And yes, the looks on Buster’s & Ty’s faces are priceless. =P

  • janie wise says:

    Oh dad, he’s just so weird some times…..

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