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GoPetFriendly Readers More Likely to Secure Pets

As you know, we kick off each month with the results of last month’s pet friendly travel survey. I can safely say that we have never been more excited about the results of our monthly polls. The question we posed last month was one that is near and dear to us – and one that we blogged about for BtC4Animals’ Blog the Change last month.

Buster and Ty in Seatbelts

Ty and Buster sporting their seatbelts

According to statistics posted on BarkBuckleUp‘s site, less than 15% of pet travelers properly restrain their pets! So, we asked you, “When traveling by car, how do you restrain your pet?” and hoped for better results. We are proud to announce that our readers are WAY above average when it comes to keeping their pets safe. Here are the results:

  • 24% use a harness attached to a seat belt
  • 34% use a crate
  • 42% don’t restrain their pet

Buster and Ty Buckled Up

Buckling Up is Causing No Discomfort Here

We know a lot of you will be packing up your pets and heading out for the holidays. For those of you in our poll’s minority, check out this guest post we did a few months back on the Will My Dog Hate Me blog, and please consider taking the Be Smart Ride Safe pledge.

Happy and safe travels!

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