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GPF Visits New Animal Shelter in Asheville

A new animal shelter celebrated its grand opening this past Saturday in Asheville, and we stopped by today to pay a visit and donate some food.

Pet Soup is a licensed, “safe-for-life” shelter offering refuge to rescued dogs and cats. Located at 31 Glendale Avenue, the building is spacious enough to have separate areas for rescued and boarded dogs and cats and an outdoor exercise area. Founder and president Denise Bitz was kind enough to give us a tour. The photos below are a reminder for all of us to support local shelters and adopt pets.

Dogs at Pet Soup - Asheville, NC

Pick me, pick me!

Dogs at Pet Soup - Asheville, NC

We're bustin' out tonight. Spread the word.

Dogs at Pet Soup - Asheville, NC


Pet Soup currently has about 40 dogs and 15 cats available for adoption … but the number of dogs dropped by one today.  We just happened to be there when a shepherd mix puppy got a new home.

Adopted Dog at Pet Soup - Asheville, NC

Adyson Banks with just-adopted Tobin.

Pet Soup also offers doggie day care, boarding, and grooming.  Proceeds from these activities, along with an in-house thrift shop, support the work of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.  Brother Wolf is a nonprofit animal advocate group specializing in spay-neuter programs and placing pets in forever homes.

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