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Heading to Global Pet Expo 2014!

Next week I’m leaving the boys behind and catching a flight to Global Pet Expo in Orlando. I can’t wait – last year more than 900 exhibitors were there to launch 3,000 new products! I walked 18 miles in three days … and this year’s show will likely be even bigger. I’m packing comfortable shoes, grabbing my camera and press credentials, and getting ready to take you inside the most exciting pet products show of the year!

Global Pet Expo 2013

Global Pet Expo 2013

The Mission

My focus is generally on pet travel gear, but I’m also happy to be your boots on the ground. Are there products you’re curious about or companies you’d like me to visit? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to track them down. With so many manufacturers under one roof, this is the perfect time to compare what’s available and get the low-down on what’s up and coming.

For live updates from the show and a sneak peak of the fantastic new products that will be hitting the shelves this Spring, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram! I’ve also started playing with Pinterest, so I’ve set up a board to share the neat things I find. Check it out next week!

Waggin’ Trails Schedule Change

Our monthly newsletter, Waggin’ Trails, is usually delivery on the second Thursday of the month. But, since that coincides with my trip to Orlando, we’re going to push publication back by one week. Newsletter subscribers – please watch your inbox on the 20th for our March issue.

Fair Warning – Best City for Pet Travelers Tournament

Dog Friendly AustinIt may feel like January outside, but check the calendar and you’ll see that it really is March. And you know what that means … it’s almost time for our Best City for Pet Travelers tournament! Each year we host this lively event for our readers to determine their favorite pet friendly destination. We’ll be opening nominations on the blog next week, but our newsletter subscribers will get a bit of a jump-start on Friday. It’s time to start thinking about which city you’ll be backing this year!


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  • I currently use Frontline for flea & tick control on my pups and have done so with my dogs for the last 30 years with no ill effects. My Vet is currently looking at a chewable treat named NexGuard from Merial (the Frontline company) that will provide the same protection for flea & tick protection on a monthly basis. I’d be interested in YOUR opinion with regards to this product if you happen to see it. . .

  • I remember when we first got Buster, Diane – he chewed through EVERYTHING! The only toys we could give him were the rubber ones. Fortunately he grew out of it, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for durable toys at Global!

  • Check out pet valu on Fischer. They have a huge display of NERF dog toys! They look great

  • Captain has a few Kong toys that seem to hold up and you can put treats in them.

  • I am looking for a durable dog toy that is not destroyed within the first 15 minutes. My beagles love to pull the stuffing and squeaker out of toys. If I do find a more durable toy, they act as a tag team and eventually kill it. I would love for you to help me find a toy that lasts longer than an hour!

  • Excellent idea, Pamela! Really, a light weight ramp that would stand up to salt water would be good for anyone, because it would be easy to clean. And, if other dogs are like my dogs, mud and dirt stick to them like they’re magnetic.Yeah, I’m really excited about the tournament this year – can’t wait to see if we can fill the bracket and have a bunch of fun supporting our favorite cities.

  • So looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Hope you have a great time at the expo.I’ve been comparing notes on ramps that are light weight yet sturdy enough to stand up to salt water conditions. Maybe it’s a long shot. But if you find any interesting ramps that might work on a boat, I’d love to hear about it.Really excited to see the March brackets. I wish I lived in a pet friendly town but Ithaca fails on so many counts. Maybe I’ll try once again to drive Cape May forward.

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