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Help Raise $5,000 For Homeless Pets – Just RT & Re-blog! #BTC4A

BtC4A Fundraiser Image

For every tweet and blog post featuring the #BTC4A hashtag (short for Be the Change for Animals) from October 22-27, Petco will donate $1 for rescue pets – up to $5,000 – at BarkWorld!

You Can Help!

Participating is super-easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Tweet this now through Saturday, October 27th at 11 AM (EST) :

Rescue pets receive $1 from @Petco at @BarkWorldExpo for each #BTC4A tweet from Oct 22-27! Learn more:

  • Blog about what rescue means to you, now through Saturday, October 27th at 11 AM (EST) and add #BTC4A to your post title. Include your post link (not just your domain) in the blog hop list below to be counted. Bonus: Each time your post is tweeted, you’ll earn another dollar for rescue pets!
  • BarkWorld attendees can nominate their favorite no-kill, 501(c)3 rescue or shelter at the Petco booth through Friday, October 26th!

The winning organizations will be announced this weekend during BarkWorld’s Petco session on Saturday!

Why It Matters

Animal organizations need funds for food, vaccinations, spays, neuters, treatment of injuries and illness – expenses that adoption fees don’t fully cover. General donations allow an organization to address their most pressing needs. Together, we can raise $5,000 to assist local, no-kill rescues and shelters!

The animal lovers at Be the Change for Animals, BarkWorld, Petco, and Two Little Cavaliers believe that helping rescue pets is important. We know you do too. Make the difference. Be, Blog and Tweet the Change for Animals!

You DO NOT need to attend BarkWorld to participate – simply tweet or post and help raise $5,000!


BarkWorld and Petco BtC4A and Two Little Cavaliers


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  • Mel Freer says:

    I hope that this continues to spread! Thanks for getting the word out Amy!

  • Our post will go up on Thursday! What a fantastic idea!

  • Awesome stuff! There is no reason bloggers can’t make this happen. It’s too simple and yet makes such a difference!

  • Kim Clune says:

    YAY for rescue pets! I love that posts can be shared over and over on Twitter for MORE money! OR you can just RT. Everybody can help with a click, right? Easy peasy!

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