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Pottawatomie Park - St. Charles, IL

Pottawatomie Park on the Fox River in St. Charles

St. Charles, IL was one fun stop we made on our last road trip.  There are pawlenty of things to do and places to go with your pup – and of course, we wrote about it.  Today, many weeks later, we received this comment on that blog post:

I’m glad to hear about the pet friendly atmosphere.  My husband and I are considering a move to St. Charles, IL (or surrounding area Batavia or Geneva) but we recently inherited a dog (former owner had a stroke so she is no longer capable of caring for him) so I was concerned how it would be with a dog in house.  We currently live in Netherland where they don’t have a pooper scooper law (wish they did; too many pairs of shoes have been ruined by constantly washing them off) but they do have special dog run areas.  There’s a park not far from us that has a great big dog run that is fenced in so the dogs can run freely without any worry of them running into the street. There’s also a pond for the dogs to jump and play in. Needless to say, with such a big move I’ve been concerned about how it will affect the dog and was really concerned he wouldn’t have any place to go to socialize or play with other dogs.  He loves to play, he loves being petted, he’s a cute dog.  Thanks for the great info.  It helps put my mind at ease that the move will also be good for the dog too. (emphasis added)

For GoPetFriendly, this kind of comment is warm and furry on several levels.  First, it’s heartwarming to read that this couple took in a dog that could no longer be cared for by its owner.  Second, these people are concerned about the impact their impending move will have on their adopted pet.  Finally, just because we happened to visit this town and received a guided tour from Jenny O’Brien and her Yorkipoo, Molly, of the St. Charles Illinois Convention & Visitors Bureau, the information we provided was dug up by these pet owners and is helping them relocate with their new canine family member.

After all, it’s all about the pets … Woof!

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  • robfdavis says:

    Great feedback. I wish the family moving from the Netherlands a safe and happy relocation!

  • What a great story! It shows that there are countless ways that complete strangers can and do, pawsitively impact the lives of others. =)

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