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I Am The Poop Fairy For Blog The Change

Blog the hosts a Blog the Change event each quarter. It’s an opportunity for bloggers to report on their experiences helping animals, honor someone who inspires them, request support from their readers, and urge others get out there and make a difference.

Last quarter I committed to going beyond simply giving my blog over for a day to raise awareness for a cause. I am going to DO something to make a difference.

If you’ve hung around here long, you know that I’m appalled by people who do not pick up their dog’s waste in public. What goes on in your own backyard is your business – but when you refuse to scoop your dog’s poop on trails, in parks, or on the side walk, your disgusting behavior reflects badly on all dog owners. Places that have welcomed dogs for years are changing their policies and prohibiting our pets because of you. Other places will not even consider allowing pets because they don’t want to deal with the waste that would undoubtedly be left behind – and I can’t blame them. But I’m angry that my options are being limited – and I’m fighting back.

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t complain about something unless you’re willing to take action to make it better. So, my Blog the Change project this quarter is to help restore the reputations of all the responsible dog owners out there. No, I will not be slinging poo … I will be picking it up.

Bumper Sticker #3

In addition to picking up after my own dogs, every day this quarter I will pick up at least one doggy deposit that does not belong to Ty or Buster.

My goals for taking on “Poop Fairy” duties are as follows:

  1. One person picking up poop will not make a noticeable impact on the amount of unclaimed dog waste in the world. However, if people see me picking up poop left behind by others, perhaps I can help reverse some of the damage being done to the reputations of all the good dog owners out there. ** Long shot goal: After seeing me, people will think it’s cool to pick up poop and follow suit. **
  2. They say it takes 30 days to develop a new habit. Getting used to picking up poop that does not belong to the dogs I love and care for, however, might take a little longer to stick. Perhaps by the end of the quarter I’ll have overcome the feeling of revolt I experience each time I reach for a pile of abandoned poop and I’ll be able to continue this experiment indefinitely.

And now for the challenge:

In addition to picking up after your own dogs, will you pledge to pick up one pile of unclaimed poop? Could you do it every day for a week? Anyone brave enough to join me for a month? If you’ll commit to picking up with me every day for the quarter, you’re my hero. We may have to start a club – this could become a movement. Who’s with me?!?

Finally, are there any dog waste bag companies out there that want to sponsor our poo-picking endeavor?

Today is the last day to enter our contest to win a Thundershirt!

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  • Jerry Jones says:

    Never pick up animal waste. Do you people realize that you’re killing the ecosystem? And for what, your ridiculous suburba yards with a thousand pounds of chemical fertilizers and pesticides? It really makes me mad that people pick up dog poop….and with plastic bags no less. Who do you think you are to do something so irresponsible and asinine? Animals poop in the wild and have for millions of years before your silly suburban sensibilities developed.

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