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Infographic – Getting Great Pet Photos

What would a vacation be without some great pictures to remember your trip? When you’re traveling with pets, capturing those moments can be a little extra tricky, but even more rewarding! Today we’ve teamed up with our pals over at PetHub to bring you this infographic with tips on getting great photos of your pets. Infographic - Pet Photos


Do you have other tips for taking photos of pets? Please, share them in the comments section below!

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  • I’m glad you found them helpful, Karen! It is sometimes tricky to get the right light on our black dogs – I find that being outside on a cloudy day or being inside near a window on a sunny day are my best bets with Buster.

  • Great tips. I have a black/silver dog and getting lighting and contrasting backgrounds has such an impact on my pictures. Agree completely about the eyes…all of my favorite pictures have Milo making clear eye contact rather than looking at the treat just above the camera.

  • LOL! Pretend you’re taking pictures of something else, and secretly steal some photos of your dog. That’s the best tip I think I’ve ever heard, Mary! =D

  • Mary Hone says:

    My dogs are so funny, Sometimes they will look at the camera, and sometimes there is no way in hell. Candid sneeky shots are always good though.

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