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Infographic – Top Cities for Dog Friendly Urban Hiking

For some people, hiking means getting as far away from civilization as possible. Others prefer to meander the sidewalks of a new city. We say, as long as your dog’s along, either makes for a perfect day! And to make sure everyone can find a hike they’ll enjoy, we’ve gathered the Top 10 Cities for Dog Friendly Urban Hiking and teamed up with our friends at PetHub to bring it to you in this handy infographic:

Top 10 Cities for Dog Friendly Urban Hiking


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  • No, we haven’t been there Pamela – but you can bet we’ll check it out the next time we’re in the area!

  • Good to know, Joanne! We haven’t been there yet, but I’ve added it to the list. Thanks for your tip!

  • I’m loving the Erie Canal Trail from Rochester to Buffalo for walking dogs as well as a run or bike ride for me. I’m a frequent traveller along the Lockport stretch.

  • Nice! I love urban hiking with my pup. And in some places like Fort Tryon park (have you been there?) in Manhattan, it’s easy to forget your in a city at all.

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