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Is It Time To Grow Up?

Being on the downhill side of another travel season always puts me in a reflective mood. Labor Day is firmly in the rearview mirror, and so the conversations about whether we want to continue this way of life have begun.

I guess, that, in and of itself, is unique. How many people have the occasion to contemplate their way of life each year and decide whether to continue down the same road or pick a new path? We’re fortunate that RVing has provided us with a certain awareness … that the way we live is a choice and that we’re free to change our minds and do it differently anytime. Team

It was four years ago this week that we braved our first ever RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania and fell in love with the Winnebago View. Back then the notion of full-timing in an RV hadn’t even occurred to us. The plan was to travel a month … maybe two … and then spend two or three months at home. All that changed when the View arrived and we took off on our first trip. Six months later we returned to sell the house, and we’ve never looked back.

Still, we’ve reached that annual time for pondering, where we lay out the pros and cons of  living in a house again. With 55,000 miles and 47 states under our belts, it turns out neither one of us is remotely ready to settle down. The way we figure it, we still have 30-40 years of life expectancy … and spending any more than half of that in one place is unimaginable. If we’re going to RV for another couple of decades (or even just one decade), we’re thinking it makes sense to have a little more space.

This one looks about right, don’t you think?

Winnebago Journey

Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

Can you imagine that baby covered in graphics?! We’re thinking of something in the 34 foot range. The additional 10 feet in length over what we have now would make full-timing more comfortable for us all: the dogs would have a bunch of extra floor space and we’d get a bedroom that doesn’t require a ladder to access. The fantastic maneuverability of the View would be a definite trade-off, but it is less of an issues now that we’re towing the RAV4. Of course the fuel mileage will also take a hit, but if we’re going to be RVing for the foreseeable future, there’s something to be said for not being under each other’s paws all of the time.

Yep, it feels like it’s time to grow up … into a larger RV!

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  • Oh, the powers of a provocative title. ;-)

  • Exactly, Carrie!! One of the things on our wish list is a spare bedroom for you and Bunny! =D

  • Thanks, Rox – we’ll see how things go, but we’ve got the intention out there in the Universe now! =)

  • Thanks Mel! Now that the new models have been released we’ll start doing a little shopping and see what we find. I think spreading out a little bit will make traveling a longer-term proposition since we won’t be under each other’s feet quite so much. That does start to wear on you after a while.

  • Kim Clune LOL!! You crack me up – I’m sure there will be plenty of space to get whatever size RV we choose up your driveway … no need for widening. (Heaven knows what might happen if you try that … pffft!!)

  • I’m so glad I was able to help, Lisa! It’s great that you guys are now traveling comfortably. There’s no doubt that breakdowns are a pain – especially if you have a schedule that you’re trying to keep! Reliability is one of the major factors we’ll be considering when we upsize. Thanks so much for your note – it means a lot to know that what we’re doing is helping other people and their pets.

  • Excellent…house warming party?

  • You totally tricked me! Yes grow up, grow up into a bigger RV! Whew!

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