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It Was A Strange, Happy, Sad Summer

Actually, our whole year has been completely unusual. Less than 3,000 miles have accumulated on our odometer, and it feels like we haven’t done anything interesting enough to blog about.

Maybe that’s to be expected after the nutty travel schedule we kept last year. But, truth be told, it’s more than that.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, Ty and Buster are getting old.

When Ty started slowing down last year, getting him a stroller allowed us to continue on at our normal pace – so it was easy to fool ourselves into believing things weren’t really that different. But when Buster’s hind legs started giving him trouble over the winter, we knew life was going to change.

Giving the boys the “best possible life” quickly went from getting out and exploring new places to spending a lot more time cuddling on the sofa. Don’t get me wrong – snuggling up on the sofa is one of my favorite pass times! Still, compared to all the places we traveled last year, it feels a bit like we completed the road trip and fell off a cliff. A more gradual transition would have given me time to adjust … but that’s not what we got.

Luckily, there’s a whole team of bloggers out traveling with their pets and writing fantastic stories for the blog. That’s taken a lot of pressure off me, so I can throw the ball for Buster and watch Ty meander around at his own pace, without worrying about the topic of my next blog post.

As much as I miss visiting new places and sharing our experiences on the blog, seeing the boys happy means so much more. We’ve been parked at my parents’ for the past five weeks, and Buster has literally worn out his squeaky balls. (Don’t worry buddy, we have more on the way!) And when Ty’s not sampling the grass, he can be found under the front porch, which he discovered makes an excellent fort. They’re content – not complicating their lives with memories of how things used to be, or concerns for where time is taking them.

Ty from Buster from

I’m the one whose heart hurts when Buster needs to rest after playing for 10 minutes. Or when Ty needs to be rescued because he’s wiggled into a spot and can’t find his way out. The past and the future run through me, and I want to shut my eyes and pretend the boys will always in their prime.

And yet I know these days are precious – perhaps more so than any other we’ve spent together. We’ve seen all the places, done all the things, and collected every single memory. When the time comes to say goodbye, we’ll have left no box unchecked. Rod and I will have more mountains to climb … and I’ll once again get to share our adventures. For now we’re just grateful to throw the ball, overdo it on the treats, and let Ty and Buster know we couldn’t possibly love them more.

So, if you’re wondering why we’ve been a little quieter than usual, it’s because we’re spending less time on the computers and more time on the sofa. We have cuddling to do.

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  • You nailed it, Vicki – it’s one of the best things and one of the hardest things I’ve done. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Ahhhhhh… sweet and so hard to watch our best friends age.❤️

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