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It’s Buster’s Birthday!

I don’t believe in coincidences. Looking back over my life, it’s easy to spot the ordinary, everyday matters that collected, stacked themselves up, and twisted together into life-changing events. Today, we’re celebrating one of those marvelous occasions … the day Buster came into our lives.

A thousand decisions – small and large – made over years – got us to that serendipitous morning when we came home from walking Ty and found Buster. What brought Buster to that spot at that moment we’ll never know, but we couldn’t be more grateful. If you’d have told us back then the ways Buster would change our lives and the lessons he’d teach us, we’d have laughed at you. Really. We’d have told you it was impossible … little did we know.

So, each year on this date, we celebrate Buster’s “birthday.” Of course, we can’t possibly know when our sweet boy arrived on Earth, but we do know when he popped into our lives and started weaving his magic – and that is cause for celebration!

There’s nothing in the world that Buster likes better than squeaky balls, and my goal on his special day is to see if we can do something to make that big tail swings in complete circles. This year we decided to get him seven new squeaky balls – one for each year he’s been with us, and one for the first year of his life that made him into the sweet, funny, sensitive, goofy, slightly neurotic, squish that he is. Happy birthday, Boo – we love you!! Here’s to many, many more.

Now, close your eyes and wait for your surprise …

Buster's Birthday

What could it be? What could it be?

Buster's Birthday


Buster's Birthday

Really guys? All for me??

Buster's Birthday

Listen to this one!

Buster's Birthday

Wait, wait … listen to this one!

Buster's Birthday

This one is perfect!

Buster's Birthday

I can’t decide which is my favorite.

Buster's Birthday

It’s your birthday, B – you should make a wish.

Buster's Birthday

Ummm, I wish every day was my birthday …

Buster's Birthday

… and that I could fit all the ball in my mouth at once!

Buster's Birthday

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  • Thanks – and Buster absolutely agrees with you Sibes! =D

  • Happy belated Birthday Buster!!

  • Rebekah Ward says:

    Happy birthday, handsome!

  • Happy belated birthday Buster, it looks like you hit the mother load!!

  • Happy Birthday Buster! (A day late, we know, but we believe it should be a birthday week!)

  • Happy birthday, Buster! What a wonderful birthday surprise. It looks like you’re having a great day celebrating YOU!

  • Peggy Frezon says:

    Happy Birthday Buster! That must be the BEST birthday present ever!

  • Happy birthday, Buster ! Squeak away! Hovie hugs from Kenzo and Tilde.

  • Edie Jarolim says:

    Happy birthday, Buster!, and all the best for many more! Looks like you’re having an amazing day.

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