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Kong’s “Wobbler” Dog Toy is a Big Hit with Buster

When we arrived at Meet the Breeds last month we were pleased to find the folks from Kong in the booth next to ours. After the show was over and it was time to pack up, Jared from Kong had some display items he didn’t want to have shipped back to the office, so he asked if I’d like to take them. Well, YEAH! Buster and Ty would disown me if I didn’t.

The thing I was most excited to receive was the Kong Wobbler.

Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler

A little background: When Ty was a puppy we got him this orange ball that drops treats. Six years later, he still loves it. He will patiently push it around with his nose for hours if the morsels keep appearing. It’s made of a soft plastic, which is fine for Ty – he’s very gentle with his toys and can barely get his mouth around the ball to pick it up.

Ty and his ball

Buster is a different story. If toy destruction was an Olympic event, Buster would have a gold medal. Though the boys share most of their toys, I haven’t let Buster play with Ty’s ball. I worried his patience would run out, he’d chew through the plastic to get to the treats, and Ty’s little heart would be broken.

Enter: the Wobbler! It’s made of hard plastic that Buster cannot chew, it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s easy to fill. Most importantly, Buster LOVES it.

Buster and Wobbler

Buster and Wobbler

We fill each of the dogs dispensers and enjoy a rambunctious 15 minutes as they race to see who can empty their toy first.

Extra Special Treat

Little did I know that what appeared to be a simple bag of Kong’s new Ziggies was also going to be cause for excitement. These treats are made to be stuffed inside the small Kong toys, but I found they fit perfectly in the Kong Goodie Bones. I’ve always had trouble filling these odd shaped holes with something that didn’t fall out instantly, or get so stuck that the dogs got discouraged and gave up. Problem solved!

Goodie Bone and Ziggies

Would your dog would enjoy these toys and treats like these? While poking around on Kong’s website I discovered they are giving away twenty (yes, 20!) toy and treat baskets (each with a retail value of more than $100) just for signing up to receive their free quarterly newsletter. Click here to enter and good luck!

Buster and Ty always choose a toy that involves food over one that doesn’t. What’s your dogs favorite toy?

Disclosure: We received this toy and treats for free. I did not promise to provide a positive review (or even write a blog post) in exchange for products, and I was not paid for this post or review.

  • Maddyanne99 says:

    me and my mom are planing to buy your itmea. I can’t wait

  • […] are toys to help clean your dogs teeth, toys for tugging, and toys for retrieving. But, the toy Buster loves best is the Wobbler – though, his joyous hopping around and tossing it in the air within the close confines of […]

  • Glad to see that your guys enjoy the Wobbler, our girls really enjoyed it too! Roo would let Kiva do all the work, then she'd snarf up the treats right from under Kiva's snoot as they would fall out. Of course, my angel-hearted Kiva would let her. :)

  • Hi Y'all!

    Have to get Momma to get me one for Christmas. I have a black Kong 'cause it's the only think I haven't destroyed. She keeps all my other toys out of reach except when SHE decides what I'll get to play with during a supervised play session.

    I read someone was using it to fill with their dog's food 'cause it slowed his eating. Hope Momma doesn't get any ideas like that!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • Wish Gus would have the patience for Kong. He normally gets frustrated and whines until we take the treat out for him. So spoiled!

  • Melspetpals says:

    So glad you guys found a toy that Buster can enjoy and not destroy!

    Jasper and Daisy love the Kong Wobbler too. It's one of my favorite new toys from Kong (although I have to admit I love most of their stuff). I don't have the Goodie Bone, but I have some clients who do and they love it too. One of the things I like about Kong is their ability to make toys that can't be destroyed (at least not easily).

  • Kelly has the exact same treat ball too! She has gotten into the habit of playing with it–vigorously–every night around midnight! I think I'll get her the wobblie one for Christmas.

  • Hey! Jersey has exactly the same treat ball as TY! I've never seen the Kong Wobbler, I might have to pick one up.

  • Sarah says:

    I love Kongs! More importantly, the dogs love Kongs, too – I'll have to check this one out.

    • I think they'll really like it Sarah! I was reading some responses over on the Kong facebook page and some people mentioned that they don't let their dogs have the toy unsupervised in case they would get a tooth in the key hole and be able to break the plastic. Buster doesn't seem that interested in chewing on it – just picking it up and dropping it in an effort to get the treats out – but it is something to keep in mind.

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