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Let It Snow

We live in the Pocono Mountains (eastern Pennsylvania, if you’ve never heard of the place), and we had our first serious snowfall today.  Typical for the northeast, the snow was wet and heavy.  As I sit here writing this post and look out at our patio furniture, it looks like 7-8 inches.  All brand new – all still pure white.

The thing is, Buster (our German Shepherd) LOVES snow … Ty (our Shar-Pei) not so much.  Around 4 o’clock Buster and I went out for a combo walk/ball fetch.  Buster would bound ahead tracking down the thrown ball, the slippery powder always making him over-run it and, a few times, the momentum causing him to bowl over.  He’d retrieve the ball, gallop back, and the game would start all over.  I could see and feel how happy he was – which made me happy that we were enjoying this time … together.  Isn’t it wonderful how pets allow you to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life?

Buster in the Snow

This picture is not blurry - I'm just that fast.

Snow in the Poconos

I find pictures like this breathtaking.

  • Buster looks like he was having a great time!

    I took my old girl Sweety down to Dallas Road (probably the best known off leash dog park in Victoria), and we walked along the shore looking out at the cloud covered Port Angeles Mountains in Washington State.

    It was a beautiful sunny day, and I felt great pleasure as Sweety sniffed her way along the beach. I would imagine the feeling I had is probably similar to how the parent of a human child feels when they see their child enjoying themselves. These are great moments.

    As for the snow; I suppose it’s visually beautiful, but having spent 30 winters in Manitoba before moving to BC, if I never saw another snowflake, it would be too soon. =P

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