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Long Beach Kite Festival Is Very Dog Friendly

Serendipity strikes again! :-) Remember when we were in California Wine Country and unknowingly stayed in an RV park that was walking distance to the Sonoma County Annual Balloon Festival? Well, the same sort of thing happened again in Washington.

Heading north up the coast, we were having trouble finding a campground with availability on a Thursday night. That almost never happens, so we inquired as to the cause of the congestion … it was a kite festival in Long Beach. Curious about the hubbub, we made a detour to cruise though and check out the festivities. In the middle of town there was a small RV park – without much hope, we stopped to see if they’d happen to have space for us for the night. As it turned out, they had an opening for the entire weekend … and that’s how we got to see the 2011 Washington State International Kite Festival!

Kite Festival - Long Beach, WA

Having never been to a kite festival before, we were amazed by the variety of events. Freestyle, ballet, indoor, trick, and fighting competitions. There were those for whom the hobby is an art and they, either individually or in pairs, performed elaborately choreographed flights to music. Others were there to show their skills in control and precision, completing compulsory figures with various degrees of difficulty – like figure skating in the sky. Our favorite though, were the synchronized team flyers. Check out these 36 kites, each operated individually, flying in formation. They reminded me of colorful quilt pieces, coming together perfectly to reveal a pattern.

Kites in formation - Long Beach, WA Kites in formation - Long Beach, WA

From flying pants, to a pterodactyl, to centipedes, and super-long long kite trains – if it flies at the end of a string, it was on display.

Kite Festival - Long Beach, WA

And it wasn’t just people that came out to enjoy the show. The festival grounds and the beach are both pet friendly – so there were all kinds of dogs there, too!

Kite Festival - Long Beach, WA Kite Festival - Long Beach, WA Kite Festival - Long Beach, WA Kite Festival - Long Beach, WA

It was one of those unplanned treats that sometimes happens when you least expect it. Thank you, serendipity.

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  • Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart says:

    What a happy surprise! It looks like fun. I wish we had time this weekend. The BIG national sheep herding competition is in CO this year (near Carbondale), which is quite lovely. Ah, well. Maybe next time.

  • Kim Clune says:

    That is some crazy kite-flying (not unlike Crazy Kyle, the Kite Flyer for Zyrtec Parks!) We had a turkey vulture swoop the lawn in the dog yard a couple of days ago and our dogs were barking into the air, trying to snatch the vulture from the sky. I imagine this is how they’d react to a kite festival too, but the dogs you show are pretty laid back. I love it. 

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Y’all,

    Wow!  Who could refuse you a spot with all the advertising you bring with you! 

    What a treat to see all the neat paws that attended! 

    Oh, my Human said to tell you those are fantastic kite flights…can’t imagine how much skill and practice to be able to fly them like that! 

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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