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Looking for Pet Friendly Love in Little Rock

Urban campgrounds are a great way for RVers to explore a city. You don’t find a lot of them – no doubt the real estate prices and taxes make it hard to justify – but when you do, it’s a real treat.

Being right in the heart of things makes it easy get a feel for the soul of a place. Simply walking the streets is far more informative than Wikipedia if you’re interested in uncovering the local haunts.

Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock was the perfect find for us. It’s located just across the Arkansas River, about a 15 minute walk, from downtown Little Rock. The location, views of the skyline, and homey feel are what make this park so appealing.

Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock

We were immediately drawn to the big city lights! Having barely taken time to set up camp, we trekked across the bridge and were struck by a couple things. First of all, there were hardly any dogs around. The 17-mile Arkansas River Trail ran just a few steps from the campground, but during our four-day stay, we only saw a few dogs on the trail. Secondly, one of our favorite things to do with the dogs – eating out – was nearly impossible. We found only one pet friendly restaurant with outdoor seating!

I guess we’re hard-headed, or perhaps we had trouble believing what we were seeing, because we kept going back to dig deeper. We did find out that the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center are pet friendly, but overall we found the pet friendly options in Little Rock disappointing.

Dejected, we decided to explore the much smaller city of North Little Rock.


Only a few block from our campground, this neighborhood known as Argenta, is obviously undergoing a gentrification. It has an eclectic feel with a mixture of new townhouses, antique streetcars, and some beautifully restored old buildings.

Streetcar in North Little Rock General Store in North Little Rock

The best part, though, is that it’s much more pet friendly! In the span of a few block we found three places we could eat with the dogs.

Starving Artist's Cafe - North Little Rock

Courtyard at Starving Artist Cafe

Argenta Market in North Little Rock

Outdoor seating at the Argenta Market

It just goes to show that sometimes you find what you’re looking for in the place you least expect it! Have you ever had an experience like that when traveling with your pets?


It’s been a few years since we last visited Little Rock and we understand that the pet friendly options have improved. We’re looking forward to going back and sniffing around! You can find more general tips on traveling with pets on our Tips & Resources page.

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  • I’m so glad that you’re finding the site helpful, Dawn! Waggin’ trails to you and Jack.

  • We are headed to Little Rock now from Oklahoma! Looking forward to checking it out! Thanks for the info! is making friends all over the country and your site is really helping us!

  • Thank you, Lorrie! We’ve visited Little Rock, but never been to Jonesboro – I appreciate the suggestion. And, we just may take you up on that invitation to have a drink! =D

  • Lorrie Davis says:

    Also check out Jonesboro, AR. We’re about 2 hrs away from Little Rock, have lots of beautiful parks (RV & Dog friendly, with even a dog jump pier at the same park!) and downtown has plenty of places to eat & walk. There is a bit of a limit to the number of pet friendly restaurants in Arkansas, mainly because the weather is just crazy enough outdoor dining is limited. Come during the spring or fall and you’ll find plenty to enjoy here! If you’re in Jonesboro, you have a standing invite for a cookout at our house.

  • Good to know! I’m sure we’ll pass through there again sometime.

  • Check out our blog ( and Facebook page if you’re ever in Little Rock again. Many more options these days! :)

  • Hi Y’all,

    We used to travel with our dogs between Canada and Florida a couple times a year for several years. This was in the days before Hilton Head was developed. It was a stretch of beautiful virgin beach. The dogs could run until they were almost out of sight. What a treat that was! In those days just finding a hotel that would accept dogs was a chore.

    It is moments like that from which memories are made.

    Y’all come by now,
    BrownDog’s Momma

    • Yes it is! Even now Hilton Head is a fun place to visit – though there are significantly more restrictions on the beach, it’s the only place I’ve ever been where dogs are allowed at the INSIDE mall!

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