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Making A Difference With Frankie’s Fund

A few years ago, on our way through Tucson, we got the chance to meet up with one of my favorite authors and bloggers, Edie Jarolim, of Will My Dog Hate Me. In some ways, Edie was my mentor – though she didn’t know it. Every time she published a post, I’d pounce on it … reading it once for the story, and then going back two or three more times to study it for the language,  rhythm, and style that I hoped would somehow seep into my brain and find it’s way through my synapses and keyboard onto this blog.

Edie was generous beyond belief and invited us to take a break from the Winnebago to spend a few days in her guest house. Being in such close proximity meant we got to know the spritely little terrier mix who’d been Edie’s muse for so many years, Frankie. Back then Frankie was a character, singular in is devotion to Edie, though willing to entertain guests with an enthusiastic game of fetch or a quick scratch behind his delightful, bouncing ears.

Edie and Frankie out for a walk

Edie and Frankie out for a walk

I don’t know if the symptoms of Frankie’s Canine Cognitive Dysfunction were already making their appearances back then or not. But I do know that over the next several years, little by little, the disease stole the precious being that used to be Frankie. Like a thief in the night, Edie’s best buddy slipped slowly away, despite the most advanced care and her efforts to hold on to him.

Edie and Frankie checking out the Winnebago

Eventually the time came when the CCD had claimed so much of Frankie that it was time to let the rest of him go, and so in November Edie said her final goodbye. But before she did, she launched Operation: Spoil Frankie … a mission to treat Frankie to all the foods he’d never been allowed in an effort to keep his diabetes at bay, scratch exercise from the agenda so Frankie didn’t have to tolerate the car ride he despised so much, and make time to play or cuddle whenever Frankie was inclined.

Pay It Forward

Frankie's FundTo honor Frankie, and and help ensure other dogs get the wonderful sendoff they deserve, Edie has taken on a new mission, Frankie’s Fund: Help Give Every Dog A Great Sendoff. The fund is being administered through the Grey Muzzle Organization and will benefit “Forever Fosters.” These amazing people take in dogs who are near the end of their lives and spend their remaining days, weeks, or months loving them, and spoiling them, until they pass. The hearts of these folks astound and humble me … but my admiration isn’t going to pay the bills. And that’s where Frankie’s Fund comes in …

Frankie’s Fund is devoted to helping relieve these caretakers of their financial burden, of getting dogs in these homes palliative veterinary care — things like pain killers and evaluative exams rather than expensive, extreme life-saving measures — and perhaps in-home euthanasia, if a dog does not pass naturally and a final trip to the vet would be too stressful.

Edie’s goal is to raise $5,000 by Christmas. In this season of giving, it’s a wonderful opportunity to help these dogs who are nearing the end of their time.

How You Can Help

  • Head over to the Grey Muzzles donation page and note that your gift should be included in Frankie’s Fund. If you’d like Edie to be notified of your contribution, enter her email address “writestf at me dot com” in the slot for email notification.
  • Let your friends know about Frankie’s Fund and the amazing work done by the Grey Muzzle Organization.
  • If you have a friend or family member who’s pet has recently passed, consider a donation to Frankie’s Fund in their memory.

Every little bit helps. And, when you’re done making your donation, hug your pets. We all know that eventually we’ll be facing this day, and it will come far too quickly. So use this as a reminder that every day is a gift.

Too Short

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  • I feel the same way, Sue. They’ve touched so many more people than Edie’s realizes I think.

  • Edie and Frankie touched me deeply, so deeply in fact that I couldn’t not donate to Frankie’s Fund.

  • A donation made in honor of my dear grandpuppy Harry, who was helped to the Bridge Dec 8, 2013.

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  • And Sharon has known me since we were five years old, in Brooklyn! Old friends and new(er) have really been wonderfully supportive.

  • I can’t think of anything that makes me feel better … though what you’re doing for little Ginny is pretty darn spectacular!

  • Thank you, Sharon. Edie is a good friend and Frankie was a special dog, so this one flowed straight from the heart.

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