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Most Popular Activities for Pet Travelers

the results are in ...

We love our blog’s poll question module and appreciate our readers for taking the time to vote – you’re helping us better understand and serve all of your pet travel needs. Here are the results of our April 2010 poll. The question was …

What activity are you most likely to visit when you travel with your pet?

And the answer is …

Beach – 35%

Love the beach, people! There’s almost a no-care-in-the-world feeling when you’re playing fetch on a sandy shore. And then there’s your dog’s smiling face emerging from the spray with whatever he just retrieved … throw it again, please!

State/National Parks – 32%

We’ve been doing a lot of hiking in state parks on this road trip. It’s a great place to exercise Ty and Buster after driving in the RV for several hours, and it’s a chance for us to reconnect with nature. Personally, I imagine what it all must have looked like hundreds of years ago in the eyes of our Native Americans.

Dog Parks – 15%

Dog parks are an oasis of frivolity in an otherwise leashed, well-behaved world. They give us an opportunity to exercise and socialize our dogs in the urban and suburban environments most of us live in.

Tourist Attraction (e.g. Biltmore Estate) – 11%

We suspect pet owners are not visiting tourist attractions because they imagine they’re not pet friendly. Not true … please research before you dismiss the notion. Ty and Buster have seen every monument in Washington, DC and have walked the grounds of Rock City, Monticello, and Biltmore with little or no sacrifice on our part.

Restaurant – 7%

The small number of pet owners seeking out restaurants surprises us. We know from our January poll that almost 75% of you are likely to stay in a hotel when traveling with your pets. So people, where are you eating?! Don’t leave Rover in the room – take him with you! The number of establishments with outdoor seating for your pet is on the rise – we’ve got a few thousand in our database. If you’re interested, we have great tips for enjoying dining with your dog.

Of course, no matter what activity attracts you the most when you travel with your pet, GoPetFriendly will continue to gather information on all kinds of pet friendly places to go and things to do. Safe travels wherever you take your pet!

PS – Today is Amy’s and my wedding anniversary! Eight years of wedded bliss – at least that’s what Amy tells me! In those years, we’ve designed and built three homes together, created and worked side-by-side in two start up businesses, and “given it all up” to travel and live in our Winnebago. We must be doing something right … Cheers!

  • cate says:

    Happy Anniversary. Your life together sounds wonderful!

  • michelechollow says:

    Happy anniversary Rod and Amy! You are doing something wonderful. I think your next project should be a book about restaurants with dogs. So many people I know stay in their rooms because they don't want to leave their pups behind.

  • Robert says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  • Robert says:

    Mine dogs always loved the beaches!

  • CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding anniversary! That is so fantastic! And so great that you are having so many adventures together! :)

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