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Movie Theaters Going to the Dogs?

Movie Dog

Most pet lovers either know or have heard how much dog friendlier Europe is compared to the US or Canada.  Going into restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and malls with your dog is more of a rule than an exception.  Now a European dog friendly movie theater has come along!

The Admiral cinema in Vienna’s 7th District was struggling to compete with nearby multi-screen cineplexes. Beginning last January, the Admiral started a monthly Doggy Day to entice more movie-goers.  Dogs get in for free and receive a blanket, water, and popcorn. (Ummm … I don’t want any popcorn, but my dog would sure like some!  Extra butter, please.)  A spokesperson for the Admiral noted: “The volume for the films is turned down a bit so as not to hurt the animals’ ears.”  One news source reported on a patron who took his Labrador to the theater: “He loved it in there and so did all the other dogs.”

Any art cinemas on this side of the pond willing to paw the line?  If so, Fill Us In!