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My 7 Links

One of the bloggers I respect most is my friend Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me? She calls ’em like she sees ’em, has the courage and ability to express her point of view, and mixes in a healthy dose of humor – that’s what I love about Edie.

Last week Edie participated in My 7 Links, a challenge started by Tripbase Blog, and then nominated me to play along. I simply have to choose my best posts in seven categories and then pass the invitation along to five more bloggers.

It sounded like fun, but when I sat down to choose the posts it was like someone had asked me, “Where’s the favorite place you’ve ever been?” I can never give a straight answer to that question! This was going to be harder than I thought.

1. My Most Beautiful Post

Perhaps they meant most “beautifully written” post, but when I look back I can’t help it … I’m choosing based on the pictures. And the winner is: In Love With Lake Powell.

Lake Powell - Page, Arizona

2. My Most Popular Post

When you travel with two big dogs restrictions on pets become routine, but No Pet Hair, Please! really took the cake. Apparently you guys thought so, too!

3. My Most Controversial Post

Controversy isn’t really my thing – it seems to contradict the “friendly” in “GoPetFriendly.” But laws that target particular breeds of dog are ineffective and stupid, and make it difficult for people with one of the more than 100 affected breeds to travel. I know there are plenty of people out there than don’t agree with Pet Travel Plans Must Consider Breed Discrimination Laws, but apparently they’re not following this blog.

4. My Most Helpful Post

Millions upon millions of people and their pets vacation each year in the national parks and are met with surprising strict rules on where dogs are allowed. Not Just Whistlin’ Dixie helps by pointing out an option that’s often over looked, and very pet friendly.

Dixie National Forest - Utah

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Though they represent a small minority, the dog owners that refuse to pick up their dog’s waste have a huge impact on pet friendly policies. Abandoned dropping are the most commonly cited factor when a beach, park, or business decides to stop welcoming pets. Hoping to restore dog owners’ reputations, I took the pledge: I Am The Poop Fairy For Blog The Change … and much to my delight, so did many of you!

6. A Post I Don’t Feel Got The Attention It Deserved

Needing an emergency veterinarian is one of the stressful situations you face when traveling with your pet. Should you ever need it, a quick read through What To Dog If Your Pet Gets Sick While Traveling and a few minutes getting prepared will make all the difference.

7. The Post I’m Proudest Of

Bullied By The Blog was a personal turning point for me. The distance between “recovering accountant” and carpe diem was much further than our odometer would lead you to believe. I slip into the old mindset now and then, but the conviction I felt when I wrote that post comes right back whenever I read those words.


Continuing the fun, the bloggers I’d like to see answer these questions are:

Melissa Freer at No Dog About It

Maggie Marton at Oh My Dog! Blog

Kim Clune at This One Wild Life

Ms. M and Mr. B at Two Pitties in the City

Pamela Douglas Webster at Something Wagging This Way Comes



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