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Neater Feeder Review and Give-Away

When you live in a really small space, as we do, you have to be ruthless when weighing the convenience of a thing against the amount of room that it takes up.

Buster and Neater Feeder

When I first pulled the Neater Feeder out of the box, I was pretty confident it wasn’t going to be with us for long. It comes in various sizes, of course, but our big oafs required the large. (Why were we not Chihuahua people??) The large Neater Feeder measures 21 inches wide by 13 inches deep, and is 17.5 inches high. That’s a lot of square footage for us!

However, in the ongoing battle to keep the Winnebago from resembling a post-drinking-and-eating pig sty, we were losing. And Buster’s drinking and eating habits were not helping.

Many of you know we feed the boys a dehydrated diet from The Honest Kitchen. Reconstituted it’s the consistency of oatmeal, and our dogs are copious about getting every last morsel. Ty – who avoids puddles like the plague and wouldn’t eat a treat if it were on the floor beyond the commonly accepted 5 second rule – never makes a mess. But, Buster is a completely different story.

Before the Neater Feeder, I would put Buster’s bowl on the floor and he would “chase” it around. Up against the sofa, along the cabinets, under the dinette. You could easily follow the trail marked by dog food that had rubbed off along the way. And his drinking problem was even worse!

Water bowlBuster is often overcome with concern that he might be missing out on something – especially when he’s getting a drink of water. He laps up a bit and then suddenly spins around to see what we’re doing, spraying water all over. When he discovers all is as he left it, he goes back to get a drink, and the entire scenario plays out again. If we were on a boat, I’d be concerned that one day he might sink us. The best solutions we’d come up with was to keep the water bowl in our shower.

And then the Neater Feeder arrived – and the boys seemed to like it.

Ty and Buster with the Neater Feeder

How it Works

Here’s a diagram from the Neater Feeder website showing the design features:

Neater Feeder Diagram

In most households you’d probably have one Neater Feeder for each dog, but our boys share this one quite nicely. At feeding time, Buster eats with his bowl in the stand – keeping his mess to a minimum – and Ty gets his bowl over by his bed. During the day, we fill both bowls with water and they can get a drink at the same time. The raised sides minimize Buster’s puddles, and if we spill a bit as we’re driving down the road, the lower reservoir saves our floors.

4 PawsWe give the Neater Feeder 4 paws out of four. Despite my initial impression, we love it. The stainless steel bowls and durable construction mean that it will last a long time, and cleaning it is much easier than wiping up the food and water mess we used to have. As I mentioned, they come in various sizes and they also make a version for cats!

Ranging in price from $35 to $66, depending on size, you can order your Neater Feeder on the company’s website – or win one here!

Enter to Win a Neater Feeder

The contest is now closed.

Contest Rules

The contest runs from 10am EST May 2, 2011 to 11:59 pm EST May 6, 2011. This contest is only open to US  and Canadian residents over the age of 18. All contest entries will be assigned a number and the winning number will be picked by We will contact the winner by email no later than Wednesday, May 11th, 2011. The decision of the judges is final. The winner has 3 days to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 3 days, an alternate winner will be chosen from the pool of entries. The winner of the prize is responsible for any and all applicable taxes on the prize. Employees and relatives of are ineligible to enter the contest.

Disclosure: We were sent two large Neater Feeders for free. We did not receive payment for this review, and the opinions expressed here are my honest assessment of the product based on our personal experience using it.

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  • Holly C says:

    Sadie is a 3 1/2 yr. old Old English Bulldog.  She came to live with us a month ago after being surrendered to the local Pet Rescue.  She’s notorius for snoring, snorting, slurping and slobbering oh and did I mention drooling.   Sadie being who she is needs an elevated food and water dish.  She eats special bulldog formula food with a unique shape to aid in chewing and swallowing.  This pampered pooch REALLY needs a Neater Feeder or this new Mama  is going to go nuts trying to stay one step ahead of her and keep things clean and tidy!

    [email protected]

    • Thank you for your comment, Holly. Unfortunately, this contest ran last month and the winner has already received the Neater Feeder. It sounds like Sadie could really use one – it’s helped us a lot in cleaning up after Ty and Buster.

  • cstironkat says:

    Milele makes such a mess when she eats. One of her favorites is too put the food on the floor and then eat it. If she doesn’t eat it all, we step on it which makes an even bigger mess.

  • >