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Neutralizing the Stink with NOSE Offense

Things can get a little stinky when you live in a small enclosed space with two dogs. Especially when you’re as nonchalant about bathing your dogs as we are. The problem is, when you’re exposed to an odor for an extended period of time, you CAN’T SMELL IT anymore! Inviting someone into our home (aka the Winnebago) and having them repulsed by the dogs’ odifferisness  is one of my top ten most embarrassing scenarios.

In the past we’ve relied on family and close friends – people who we could trust to be brutally honest with us – and asked them, “Does it stink in here?” Well, have no fear friends that we will visit in the future … we have found a solution!

Nose OffenseIt’s called NOSE Offense, and there are so many things to like about this product! First, (and most importantly) IT WORKS. I sprayed it on the dogs’ beds, the carpet, and on the picnic blanket we put out on the ground for the dogs to lay on when we set up camp. The picnic blanket was the biggest challenge. It gets it’s fair share of slobber as the boys chew on their toys, has been the place to dry off after a  great game of “fetch” on beach, and has been packed up and put away damp on several occasions. I hung it up and spayed both sides with NOSE Offense and, voila, it was as good as new!

NOSE Offense is natural and non-toxic. Our Buster has a very sensitive system. He has terrible reactions to Frontline flea and tick medication, and last year we almost lost him due to a very rare reaction he had to phenobarbital, a commonly used anti-seizure medication. Needless to say, we are very careful about what we spray on his bedding. This product is free of enzymes, alcohol, aerosols, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates, and phthalates, and neither Buster nor Ty showed any adverse reaction to it.

There is no overwhelming fragrance. In fact, there is no smell to it at all. When I spay it inside the Winnebago, it’s like putting water on the fabrics and eliminating all the odors. Buster and Ty are more thankful for this benefit than we are – their noses are much more sensitive to over-done scents of many air freshening products.

The manufacturer is making an effort to be good to the environment. NOSE Offense is biodegradable, the spray bottle is made from recycled plastic, the flutes (wavy inner section of carton) are constructed using 100% recycled material, the entire carton is recyclable, the plastic bags used in shipping are biodegradable, and  the shipping labels are made from 100% recycled paper.

Finally, I love that it was created by a father and daughter team. I just find that very cool. We were lucky enough to meet Jamie (the daughter portion of the team) at Meet the Breeds, and that’s how we found out about this terrific product.

Buster Laying on Picinc Blanket

Buster, making good use of the picnic blanket.

If you’d like to try NOSE Offense for your cat’s litter box or the bedspread your dog just can’t seem to tear herself away from, you can order it on the company’s website. An 8 oz. bottle will cost you $7.99, the 32 oz refill is $14.99, and they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You can also connect with the NOSE Offense on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: We were sent a free 8 oz. bottle of NOSE Offense to try. We did not promise to write a review, did not guarantee that any review that was written would be positive, and did not receive payment for this review.

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  • Kim Clune says:

    I absolutely NEED to try this at our house. With the cat boxes in the “man cave,” ventilation is a bit of an issue. The overnight odors are absorbing into the furniture. Opening the door during the day doesn't offer enough circulation to clear the room entirely. Sounds like this might hit the spot! I'm not a fan of smelly cover-ups.

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