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New Paw Print for Take Paws

You may have wondered where we’ve been!  Well, we took some time off to update the “paw print” of our blog. Hopefully, you’ll notice (and appreciate) the cleaner layout, larger font, and new information (e.g., Bloggie Treats).

So what do you think? From a “blogging mechanics viewpoint,” what do you like? What don’t you like? What’s there that can be improved? Left out? What social media share buttons work best? Tell us about features from your favorite blogs, including your own … and provide links so we (and other commenters) can check them out.

And the content – don’t forget the content! You know how much we travel with our pets and how easy we want to make it for other people to travel with theirs. So what would you like to see more of? Less of? Photos vs. videos?

In the spirit of the holidays, Ty and Buster bear gifts.  The person who, in our opinion, leaves the most thoughtful/useful comment will receive a complete collection of our current trinkets – a GoPetFriendly t-shirt, baseball cap, and waste bag holder. Of course, we reserve the right to moderate comments for anything off-color. The contest is open from 6 pm EST Thursday December 17 through 6 pm EST Wednesday December 23. We will announce the winner on Thursday, December 24.

From one blogger to all of you other bloggers out there, I sincerely appreciate your time and thoughts. Thanks in advance!

In the meantime, here are two great tweets that nicely sum up what GoPetFriendly is all about. Have a pawsome day!

GPFTweet-DogOnBoard GPFTweet-johnvasko
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  • Pups says:

    I love the new look also, it does look more fresher and brighter, WOOF, it looks pawsome. Your blog is great !

  • Thanks for looking at our site. Great idea about the map … thinking of how we can work that in!

  • Michele says:

    Overall, I like the site. It’s easy to use, which is quite important to me. I also like the photos, which is important for a pet and travel site. In the future, I would add a search area or map that can let readers know which parts of the globe you have traveled to. If I’m going to Philadelphia or Chicago, etc., I would want to find a pet-friendly place to stay. Clicking on your recommendations, would make travel to a specific area easier.–Just my two sense.

  • Edie, thanks for investing the time to look at our site! We have often debated how to do what you have suggested AND I guarantee that, in the next few weeks, you will see something come out of this.

  • Edie says:

    I just realized there was a very easy way help readers find out what you have to offer: Make the “About Us” page — which is hidden on the bottom –your home page and just add a bit more information there about what the different parts of your site do.

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